Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans

This Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Resource Website is meant as an online repository of information for Harbor Breeze. We offer assistance and support for finding Harbor Breeze ceiling fan parts, diagnosis for a ceiling fan problem, and troubleshooting support. Please note, that we are a third party resource for Harbor Breeze ceiling fans. We are not the manufacturer of Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans.

Looking around on the Internet, it can be difficult to find more information about Harbor Breeze.  We do our best to assist you with whatever issue you may be having. Diagnosing a problem can be difficult as it applies to any ceiling fan – not just Harbor Breeze. We assist with offering diagnosis & troubleshooting support as much as possible.

Harbor Breeze Grand Bay Ceiling Fan

Another good place to turn is our ceiling fan support forums. You can post a question or comment, and we’ll do our best to get it replied to and answered. This should be helpful, rather than spending hours searching for the information you need online.

Harbor Breeze Parts

We are constantly adding new pages for different parts, as it applies to Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans. One thing you can do is request a part. We do not have physical listings of parts on this website, however we do list parts on our affiliate and sister websites. This should be helpful.

We also point out on this website, that Lowe’s is the house brand of Harbor Breeze. Often times, you will need to talk to Lowe’s customer support, Home Depot customer support, or a local store in order to locate the parts that you need. In most cases, anywhere you get the part will have first got it from Lowe’s or Home Depot. Therefore, unless you’re buying from “the source,” you’re probably paying a markup.

Harbor Breeze Remote

A remote control is one of the most commonly replaced Harbor Breeze parts.

If you need help, we’ll try our best to talk to suppliers and see where we can offer support. If we know a place where you can find the replacement part you need, we’ll provide you a link to the requisite website or location therein.

Harbor Breeze Light Kits

Adding a light kit onto an existing fan in your home? If you own a Harbor Breeze fan today and you’d like to add a light kit on, make sure your fan is light kit adaptable. To check this, you can check the instructions that came with the ceiling fan. If you don’t have the instructions, you can try searching for your model online. Failing that, you can also call the customer support number for Harbor Breeze (which is basically a customer support line ran by Lowe’s). We have a 1800 number listed here on the website for them.

Typically, buying a light kit of the same brand of your ceiling fan is advisable. Most major ceiling fan manufacturers design the fan so that only light kits of the same brand will work with the fan.

Harbor Breeze Repair

Troubleshooting and repair of a Harbor Breeze fan is relatively the same from fan to fan. This is a benefit, when you’re trying to diagnose an issue with your fan, and having trouble determining where that issue lies. Fan troubleshooting is similar from fan to fan. If the fan is having a wobble, or humming noise, it’s the same troubleshooting from fan to fan. If the fan is having a problem with the remote, it’s again the same troubleshooting each time.

Because troubleshooting a ceiling fan is generic in nature, it’s often worthwhile to try the same troubleshooting steps from fan to fan. Coming back to the remote example, the troubleshooting would be relatively the same. First, check the batteries. Check the dipswitches on the remote and the fan, if it has those. Check if there’s special programing for the remote or the fan.

You can also check out our troubleshooting and FAQ guides. These guides are generally quite useful and provide step by step troubleshooting. Often times, a issue you are experiencing may be a common problem that is also felt by many homeowners having the same or similar Harbor Breeze fans.

Troubleshooting & Support

If you are having trouble with your Harbor Breeze ceiling fan, we can provide assistance via troubleshooting FAQs. There are many common issues with Harbor Breeze fans, such as remote issues, fan making whirring or humming sounds, or etc. For most issues, you can refer to the requisite troubleshooting guide that applies to the problem. For example, if you are having remote troubles, try taking a look at the remote troubleshooting guide.

Issues like humming noises or whirring sounds are common. We have a selection of Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Manuals, which we are constantly adding new manuals as well. The manual contains useful information, like installation instructions, wiring instructions, and also care and maintenance. Armed with the right information, you too can understand how to best maintain your fan so that it will last forever.

Ceiling Fan Support & Troubleshooting Forums

If you’re having trouble with your fan and need help, feel free to ask a question and we will answer it on our technical support forums. Whatever the question is, we’ll do our best to help. This could range from diagnosis of your ceiling fan, to wiring issues, to finding a replacement part. We’ll do the research needed as well if we don’t have the answer. If we’re not able to find the answer, we’ll let you know and do our best to point you in the right direction. When posting for support, please include the make and model of your ceiling fan. We’ll use that information to assist in answering your question.

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