How do I connect or wire a Harbor Breeze fan with light to 2 switches?

There is a variety of different models available in relation to Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans. This is a step by step guide that will explain how to connect a Harbor Breeze fan and light to two switches, however because these instructions are mostly generic, the same steps can apply to many other ceiling fans. Typically, the colors of the wires that you see below are very common with many different makes and models of ceiling fans. As always, if you need more help and you are not able to find the answers you are looking for on this page, we do implore you to leave a comment. We’ll do our best to look for an answer to your question, and either add it here to this page, or create another page here at Your Ceiling Fan to review the question and answer it as in-depth as we can.

If requiring only one switch for the fan and one for the light:

  • Neutral: white wire. The light and fan both will have a white wire for neutral – this is common
  • Red: Positive for light and  fan – one red wire for each one  – Hot
  • Black: Hot
  • Bare wire: Ground

Start by testing power at breaker – ensure there is no power –  use a non-contact voltage tester if at all possible. Be aware of possible electrical shock, so non-contact is best.

Find all of the green grounding wires, or bare, and connect them together.

Look for white wire from ceiling – connect it to the remote receiver module – white wire, inside of the fan

  • Black wire – connect from ceiling to the remote receiver module inside of the fan – black wire
  • Blue wire – connect it from the output side of the remote receiver system, inside the fan to the blue wire inside of there
  • Red wire – connecting from the output side of the fan’s receiver module

For more help with ceiling fan wiring be sure to check out this super useful article on ceiling fan wiring.

Finding Harbor Breeze End Caps

Like many parts for Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans, finding an end cap can be challenging. When looking around on Google there are many websites that you will find. All of them say they have end caps available, but looking closer none of them do. Even looking at Home Depot or Lowe’s, it appears that very few end caps for Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans seem to be available.

Hey, we’re just providing the information and knowledge here after taking a look around, just like you. Due to the fact that it’s difficult to even find these end caps from first party retailers, that means that most third party websites you find from Googling aren’t going to be able to offer the end caps either. In most situations, you’ll likely have to buy the end caps used rather then buying a brand new ceiling fan. Of course, we encourage you to reach out to the manufacturer directly using the available phone numbers we’ve been able to provide here.

Harbor Breeze End Caps
Finding Harbor Breeze End Caps can be challenging. When looking on the home depot website, as well as Lowe’s, they don’t really seem to have much to offer in this regard. If the major retailers don’t have the parts, it’s not exactly an easy find for other smaller websites that use the major retailers for their supply chain and logistics.

The only place we’ve been able to find or procure end caps from is eBay. Again, just being honest here. Even if you find some replacement end caps, chances are you may not be able to find the specific one for your model. We recommend the following course of action if looking for Harbor Breeze end caps:

  • Call the manufacturer and ask them what end caps will be compatible with your fan. For this, you’ll need the make and model details of your fan first. If you’re not sure what that is, read our article on figuring out the make and model of fan you have.
  • Ask the manufacturer or any support line you can talk to, for the part numbers of end caps that are compatible with your fan
  • Scour the Internet for those part numbers. Try Googling for the part numbers, or searching for them on Ebay.


Harbor Breeze End Caps
Here’s an example of some end caps you can find on Finding them online elsewhere seems to be a challenge. The end caps are not expensive, they’re just difficult to find at any other retailers then Lowe’s

We haven’t had success on or .ca for these specific end caps. However, should that change in the future, we’ll be sure to update you!

Harbor Breeze Bellhaven Ceiling Fan

The Harbor Breeze Bellhaven Ceiling Fan is pretty standard in that it has five reversible blades, with a three speed motor. What is appealing about the Bellhaven is that it has an attached light kit; and it has
a lovely finish. The maple and walnut blade finish is quite handsome. It looks great in a rustic decor setting, or pretty much any decor for that matter.

Harbor Breeze Bellhaven Ceiling Fan
The Bellhaven Fan is a lovely, handsome appealing fan to the eye. It has a couple of different finish options. Here you see the walnut finish – it looks good, right? What do you think? Would this make a good addition to your home?
  • Light kit is complete with four lights
  • Fan is mounted with a downrod – no flush mounting
  • Meets UL safety listing requirements
  • 52 inch diamater
  • Sold by:  Lowes, Amazon
  • Alternate finish available – golden cherry / dark teak blades
  • Downrod options can be 6″ or 12″

The alternate finish of golden cherry and dark teak blades is certainly another handsome option as well. With the option of different finishes which are so opposite of each other, the Harbor Breeze Bellhaven Ceiling Fan certainly is a versatile offering.


Harbor Breeze Bellhaven Ceiling Fan Manual


Harbor Breeze Aero Ceiling Fan Review

The Aero has your usual features – 5 reversible blades, and the motor has three speeds. In order for the blades to be reversible, the motor allows reverse function as well. On this page we list some of the resources that are available for this fan. These resources include the manual, as well as other support resources that will get added to the page and to the site over time.

The ceiling fan manual that we provide here provides some assistance in terms of the Aero ceiling fan. The information presented within the manual include the following:

Wiring, as an example, is always one issue that requires much assistance. Generally, many of the wiring colors as it applies to ceiling fan installations is generic.

Harbor Breeze Aero Ceiling Fan

This means that a green color wire for a fan or a black color wire for a fan generally constitute the same thing, e.g black wire for ground. If you are looking for more assistance with ceiling fan wiring, we can certainly recommend useful guides like this one for providing additional assistance with ceiling fan wiring.

Ceiling Fan Wiring – Help with wiring colors

Below you will find the manual for this ceiling fan. The manual is always helpful, as it can contain common troubleshooting practices to try when there may be a problem with your fan. Below we have the manual for the Aero Ceiling Fan displayed in a window. You can scroll up and down in this window in order to read more information about the Aero fan. If you are having a hard time finding the information you need, feel free to post a comment here on this page and we will do our best to answer it for you in a timely fashion.

Harbor Breeze Aero Ceiling Fan Manual