Harbor Breeze Twin Breeze II Ceiling Fan Review

The cool thing about the Twin Breeze fan from Harbor Breeze, is as the name implies, it’s a “twin” fan. It has two fan heads, attached to a light kit in-between. It’s a very unique design, and can move plenty of air with these two sets of fan blades. The fan is also ETL rated for use in damp locations, so it can be used on your porch also. This fan really can move some air – up to 4,450 CFM of airflow. The fan of course also has a reverse capability as well, so it can be used year round to heat or cool.

This fan features an oil rubbed bronze finish, which is quite stylish. Each fan has six blades. The fan carries a limited lifetime motor warranty (like most Harbor Breeze fans). All other parts have a two year warranty.

Harbor Breeze 4-Light Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan Light Kit

This is a 4 light brushed nickel ceiling fan light kit from Harbor Breeze. At the time of this writing, it is not available – or we would have the capability here to purchase it, along with other light kits from Harbor Breeze. For the most part, replacement light kits need to be purchased from a major retailer,

Where can I get a replacement light kit for a Harbor Breeze Twin Breeze fan?

We often get asked the question of where to find a replacement light kit. It comes up from time to time. Unfortunately, the replacement light kits are not available through any of the affiliates we have access to. We are not the manufacturer, nor the major retailer that provides Harbor Breeze fans. The best advice we can provide is to reach out to one of the major retailers directly, or to call Harbor Breeze customer support. This includes replacement globes or shades as well. Another piece of advice we can offer is to take a look at the instruction manual that came with your Twin Breeze fan. In the manual, should be parts list which outlines all of the parts and part numbers that are compatible with the Twin Breeze II. With the part numbers, you have a better chance of finding the replacement part by searching using your favorite search engine, or contacting one of the local major retailers we mentioned.

Harbor Breeze Galileo Ceiling Fan Review

The Harbor Breeze Galileo ceiling fan has a 52 inch blade span. It is an indoor fan, with a brushed chrome finish. There is a light kit, that has three adjustable spotlights. These are also featuring brushed chrome shades, to match the finish of the fan. Five reversible blades are of a black and rosewood finish. Quite handsome, we must say!

The light kit comes with three 50 watt bulbs, so you don’t have to go buy bulbs too. That’s nice. With the black base that looks like a jet black, this is a sleek, modern handsome looking fan (we know, we need to stop saying handsome!) It is one of the better looking fans from Harbor Breeze, though.

Harbor Breeze Galileo Ceiling Fan

Harbor Breeze fans are sold at some major retailers. If you cannot find the parts or ceiling fans you are looking for, many go to these major retail stores to purchase this ceiling fan. These fans are sold in a pair on Amazon, however they are currently unavailable.

Harbor Breeze Galileo Ceiling Fan Remote & Receiver Replacements

Most universal Harbor Breeze ceiling fan remotes will likely work with the Galileo. While we cannot guarantee this is the case, it is likely it’ll work. One thing you can consider is a universal remote and receiver kit. This replaces the receiver too, which you’ll have to do in order for the remote to work. However, because you’re replacing the receiver too, the remote has to work with the fan because you’re eliminating the possibility of incompatibility with the receiver. Replacing the receiver is often a good step if there is no communication with the fan whatsoever, and when you’ve tried all other troubleshooting steps like replacing the batteries, checking the dip switches, and replacing the remote.

Harbor Breeze Galileo Ceiling Fan Manual

As mentioned above, we recently had a site visitor ask for the replacement remote for the Galileo fan. Our thought process on this was to check the manual for the fan, and find the parts list in the manual. We’re happy to report we were able to find the manual online, and we are posting a link to it here where you can download the manual. With that being said, the package contents on page 4 does not list the part number for the remote, or any other part numbers unfortunately. This is certainly frustrating, to say the least. However, we still provide the manual here, in case it helps other site visitors. We hope this is the case. This is not always the case; often times there are part numbers in the manual which are helpful in this regard. In any case, we have listed the manual below, in hopes that it will help our site visitors.

If you do manage to find the original part number for the Galileo ceiling fan remote and receiver, please do let us know. Since we aren’t able to provide the original part numbers, we recommend trying a universal Harbor Breeze receiver and remote kit. This should solve the problem.

Click here for a PDF download of the Galileo ceiling fan manualĀ 

Let us know if this manual is helpful or not – we would love to hear from you.