Harbor Breeze Seaholme Ceiling Fan

The Seaholme has a very “diftwood” kind of feel. Much like the name “Seaholme,” the fan makes you feel as if you’re out there on a boat. It would work well mounted on a ship in this regard, in terms of the decor. The fan has a grayish finish completed with brushed nickel for the canopy and base. This is the perfect fan for the boating enthusiast. With that being said, it may not go well in certain decor choices like a darker decor, as an example, as the fan is quite light in nature. It may go well with a modern design, if that design uses brighter colors as opposed to darker ones.
Harbor Breeze Seaholme Ceiling Fan
Brushed nickel ceiling fan from the Harbor Breeze Seaholme collection features 5 driftwood blades.
  • Integrated LED light kit
  • Outdoor wet rated
  • Remote control + batteries included
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Other features worth mentioning:

  • 5 blades provides up to 400 square feet of coverage
  • Frosted glass shade operates with LED bulbs
  • 2 mounting options to make the length from/to the ceiling shorter, or longer.


Harbor Breeze Saratoga II Ceiling Fan Review

The Saratoga Ceiling Fan features hand-carved wood blades, in an auburn finish. The fan is sleek and with it’s somewhat darker décor, it works quite well in a rustic setting, modern setting or other. The Saratoga comes equipped with a light kit, which has two dimmable LED bulbs. The light kit is accentuated with a glass globe.

CFM of this fan is 6,372. That’s a lot. The blades are 60 inch making this fan quite large. It’s ideal for large rooms, like dining halls. You don’t want to put this fan in a small room as it just won’t make sense. The fan does have the ability to cool in the summer and move warm air in the winter.

A cool feature of this fan is it has a learning feature on the remote. This means that if the remote control stops working with the receiver at any point, you can follow a process for the remote to “learn.” This can be a common problem with ceiling fans, an this makes that common problem not a problem! That is great, because you certainly won’t want to lose the ability to make a fan with 60 inch blades stop spinning just out of the blue. A very useful feature for a large fan that moves a lot of air. The fan also includes a manual air flow switch, to manually reverse the direction of the fan as needed.

This fan cannot mount without the down rod; being as large as it is. It is not a good choice for low ceilings. But it is a great choice for large rooms, and when you have a requirement to move a lot of air around in the room!




Harbor Breeze Merrimack II Ceiling Fan

The Harbor Breeze Merrimack II ceiling fan can be hung flush to the ceiling. A low profile fan like this is useful, when you have lower ceilings, or just need more space. The fan does come with a 6 inch downrod also, so it can be mounted in a normal fashion or on an angled ceiling also. The fan comes with an attractive glass globe light kit. The bulbs are dimmable also. The fan does receive some praise from home owners and enthusiasts alike, as the bronze finish is sleek and stylish. The fan blades are of a driftwood and auburn finish.

The fan comes with a limited lifetime warranty. The Merrimack II can cool a large room, as it provides up to and about 3800 CFM of air flow. This is due to the large fan blades on the Merrimack – 52 inches. These larger fan blades help move a large volume of air.

Along with all of the aforementioned benefits, the Merrimack also is ETL listed. This means it is both an indoor and outdoor fan – it can be safely used in damp locations. This is an excellent addition, on top of all the other features mentioned.

Harbor Breeze Henderson Ceiling Fan

The Harbor Breeze Henderson Ceiling Fan is unique in many respects. It is not your typical four or five blade ceiling fan. This fan, first of all is quite large – with a wing span of 60 inches. We were joking around with saying “wing span,” of course we’re talking about blade span of the blades. However, the fan really is made to move a lot of air. It has ten blades – wow, right? With the 60 inch blade span, this fan is excellent for larger rooms that are 400 square feet or more. Holy cow! The Henderson also can be mounted into damp locations like kitchens, bathrooms or outdoors, because it’s rated for such. Not only that, but you can use the fan seasonally to move warm air in winter and cool air in summer.

Harbor Breeze Henderson Ceiling Fan
The Henderson from Harbor Breeze truly is a marvelous and unique design. 10 blades, with a 60 inch blade span means this fan moves a TON of air. It’s best suited to a large room.
This fan is downrod mounted only, so it only works in standard ceiling situations – or optimally, in large rooms with a vaulted ceiling. It cannot be used in a flush mount setting, nor would you want to with that many blades and that large a blade span. It simply isn’t optimal to do so.
  • Finish: Matte black
  • Replacement glass shades can be found with part number 4664708
  • Light kit: Yes, provides 1400 lumens
  • Flush mount: No
  • Number of blades: 10
  • Blade span: 60 inches (large)
  • Room size: Rooms larger then 400 square feet

Harbor Breeze Henderson Ceiling Fan Manual

Here is a link to the Harbor Breeze Henderson Ceiling Fan Manual. We have posted it here for our site visitors, to help them find whatever information they’re looking for. If you’re looking for original package contents information, troubleshooting, installation details or other, the manual should be helpful in this regard. There is also a customer service number at the end of the manual that you can call, if you’re really stuck.

Harbor Breeze Sage Cove Ceiling Fan Review

The Harbor Breeze Sage Cove Ceiling fan is handsome. With it’s somewhat darker finish, it works well in a room with rustic décor or modern outlook. The finish is of a somewhat darker bronze (but not too dark). The frosted light kit is of a bowl design or shape. The fan is has a 44 inch blade span, so one thing to consider is it works well in smaller rooms – not larger ones. The fan can move up to 3,931 CFM, so it works for rooms that are up to 100 square feet. The fan features three speeds, and also offers a reverse setting (like many fans) so that you can cool in the summer and heat in the winter.

As we mentioned earlier, the finish on this fan is bronze. The blades have a toffee cocoa finish, which is unique and as mentioned, handsome and appealing. With that being said, there is also another finish that we can look at below. So depending on your décor choice, the secondary finish may also work for your room.

There is also a Sage Cove model with a satin nickel finish. We show the differences in how these fan finishes look below.

Harbor Breeze Sage Cove Ceiling Fan
Harbor Breeze Sage Cove Ceiling Fan, with a bronze finish. Not bad, however if you’re looking for a more modern look or something to match stainless steel appliances, you may want to consider the brushed nickel finish below.


Harbor Breeze Sage Cove with Satin Nickel Finish
Sage Cove fan with a satin nickel finish. You can see the differences are mostly on the blade arms, where the fan blades connect to the fan. The satin nickel is also noticeable at the base of the fan.

In both cases, the fan blades have that toffee cocoa finish that we spoke of. The satin nickel finish is a good choice, if you’re looking for a more modern look, and trying to match up the decor with perhaps a set of new stainless steel appliances, as an example. It depends on the look you’re going for (or the one you already have, that you’re trying to match).