Harbor Breeze Mayfield Ceiling Fan Review

The Harbor Breeze Mayfield Ceiling Fan has a bronze finish, which is warm and goes with many décor settings quite well. The Mayfield has a hugger design, so it can be mounted to a ceiling with a lower height. This is great if you want to install into a room where the ceiling height is low. Not all rooms have high ceilings. Especially if you have an older house, or a basement with a lower ceiling, this fan is helpful in those situations. The Mayfield features a light kit in the center, as you see in the picture. The light kit utilizes 2 x 6.5 watt LED light bulbs. Due to using LEDs, the bulbs last a very long time and don’t need to be replaced often at all – plus they are energy efficient. The LED bulbs provide a soft light.
One thing to note with the Mayfield fan: it can only be installed flush mount. This is important if you wanted to mount it with a downrod: it does not come with one, so please keep in mind it’s flush mount only. The Mayfield also carries a dry rating. This means it can’t be installed in places that are damp. So if you are looking to install a ceiling fan into a kitchen, bathroom, or outside, this is not the fan to use. We don’t mean to share any negative points; moreso this is important to keep in mind in terms of installation procedures and use case.
Harbor Breeze Mayfield Ceiling Fan
The light kit, as discussed offers a warm light. It is rated at 900 lumens so the light is soft and warm, as opposed to “hard” lights you may find with incandescent. The fan has reversible blades as well, so it has the option to cool in the summer and move warm air in the winter. The fan has pull chains. This fan may not come with a remote as such – another thing to keep in mind.

Harbor Breeze Mayfield Resources & Parts Support:

Replacement shade for Mayfield Ceiling Fan:  Item number 4664707, find at retailer Lowe’s

Mayfield Replacement Light Bowl / Shade

Do you know what size is the Mayfield replacement light bowl for this ceiling fan? If so, leave a comment to let us know. When looking for the replacement light bowl online, it is not available on major retailer websites. Do you know what is the part number of the bowl? Have you been able to find it through any major retailer? If so, please leave a comment to let us know or post about it on the forums.
If you know the size of the replacement light bowl, we might be able to help you find the replacement part!

Harbor Breeze Centreville light kit removal

This article pertains to the Harbor Breeze Model 40687, which is the Harbor Breeze Centreville ceiling fan

Does any of the below relate to your current ceiling fan project?

  • Remove light kit from the fan
  • Light kit deletion plate
  • Cover to be installed over the exposed pull chain assembly
  • Where the light kit used to be

A site visitor recently asked about a Harbor Breeze Centreville fan,
model 40687. The visitor said they were planning to remove the light kit
from the fan. In order to do so, they were looking for a light kit deletion
pane. This is basically a cover that gets installed, so it covers up
the area where the light kit used to be. Otherwise, if you don’t have a cover,
what you see is an exposed pull chain assembly.

Harbor Breeze Centreville Ceiling Fan

Obviously, you don’t want a gaping hole where you removed the cover.
With that being said, we’ve looked for a cover, or light kit deletion pane
for Harbor Breeze model 40687. What we came up with is that we are unable
to locate or source this part.

In this particular case, we would refer you to call Harbor Breeze customer
support. They’ll do their best to find the part that you’re looking for,
and let you know where it can be purchased. Often times when looking for a
replacement Harbor Breeze part, you have to reach out to the manufacturer

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