Harbor Breeze Riverview Ceiling Fan

Harbor Breeze Riverview 36-in White Indoor Ceiling Fan with Light Kit Included

The Harbor Breeze Riverview Ceiling Fan has a 36 inch blade span and comes with a light kit included. The fan comes with a downrod and it capable of mounting that way only – it cannot be flush mounted. This is something important to keep in mind. Why is that? Well, typically when you have a fan with a smaller blade span like this it can be used in a smaller room (and it likely should be). However, due to the fact that it has that smaller blade span, you often may want to mount it flush mount because your room is smaller, less ceiling height, etc. So a flush mount option would make sense. However, this fan does not mount directly to the ceiling. It has to be mounted with the 4 inch down rod. Thus, you’ll want to mount it to a flat ceiling or a sloped ceiling with 16 degree max slope.
Harbor Breeze Riverview Ceiling Fan
The fan does feature an integrated dome light kit, with a frosted white globe. The light kit also comes with two 60 watt candelabra bulbs so you’re all ready to go, right out of the box. The built in light kit is a nice touch because with the smaller blade span, the fan would be really less functional without a light kit. The blades are reversible, and the fan of course will reverse so there is purpose to use it all year throughout both the warm and cold seasons.
On another note, we should let you know that the Harbor Breeze Riverview ceiling fan is discontinued. This was a choice by the manufacturer (not us) and we don’t know when the fan was discontinued specifically. It’s likely a much older model. This is important to note also if you’re trying to get replacement parts support for this fan – you will likely have to reach out to Harbor Breeze customer support, because we aren’t able to obtain parts for it. If you do find a place that you’re able to find parts for the Harbor Breeze Riverview, please let us know and we’ll be happy to let our other site visitors know. You can leave a comment or post about it on our forums. Thank you and good luck, we hope you can find parts for this fan but we can’t really help much in this regard since the fan is discontinued.
Note: At the time of this writing – June 2022, the Riverview is available at major retailers and is currently on sale for approx. $100. It appears to be on a clearance sale. We are not the major retailer, so we cannot say whether the fan will be on clearance for very long, how many are available, or etc.

Harbor Breeze Coastal Creek Ceiling Fan Review

The Harbor Breeze Coastal Creek ceiling fan is a 52 inch fan with five blades that are reversible. The finish is a bronze and the blade color is brown. A sleek and attractive fan, it has a frosted glass bowl design. The three speed motor coupled with the 52 inch blades provide good airflow in the room you choose. Due to the larger blade size of 52 inches, the fan works well in a larger room setting. The fan also comes with 2 LED bulbs, so you’re good to go right out of the box in terms of maximizing not only airflow efficiency but also lighting efficiency in your home. Good idea!

Harbor Breeze Coastal Creek Ceiling Fan

The Coastal Creek is a traditional style ceiling fan. It features a large, 52″ blade span. It’s capable of moving a good volume of air and works well in a large room of about 400 square feet.

The blade finish is of a toffee/cocoa, which is really appealing to many home owners. The airflow total is approximately 3116 CFM, so as mentioned above it can move air around pretty well. The fan needs to be mounted a minimum of 16.1 inches from the floor. As mentioned it works well in large rooms, so this room size is generally about 400 square feet. If you have a much larger room then that, you’ll have to go up in terms of blade span. As with all Harbor Breeze fans, the Coastal Creek carries a limited lifetime warranty. The fan can be mounted both with the standard down rod, as well as “close mount” meaning that it can be flush mounted to the ceiling. However, due to the blade size we don’t recommend trying to use it in rooms with low ceilings – see the height requirement above.

Coastal Creek Ceiling Fan Manual

Here we’ve located the ceiling fan manual for the Coastal Creek. There aren’t any pop up ads here or anything like that, we’re providing a direct link to the retailer which hosts the Coastal Creek instruction manual PDF on their website. If you have any trouble, please let us know by leaving a comment or visiting our forums. Once you visit the above link, you can click in the top right of your browser to download the PDF if you wish to re-visit it later, print it or etc.