Where to find Harbor Breeze parts

Harbor Breeze is a brand of ceiling fans that is often sold through retailers such as Lowe’s. If you need replacement parts for your Harbor Breeze ceiling fan, you can explore the following options:

  1. Lowe’s:
    • As a major retailer of Harbor Breeze ceiling fans, Lowe’s may have replacement parts available. You can visit a Lowe’s store near you or check their website to browse and purchase Harbor Breeze parts online.
  2. Harbor Breeze Customer Support:
    • Contacting Harbor Breeze’s customer support directly can be a helpful step. They may be able to assist you in identifying the specific part you need and guide you on how to obtain it. Check the product manual or visit the Harbor Breeze website for contact information.
  3. Online Retailers:
    • Various online retailers specialize in ceiling fan parts. Websites such as Amazon, eBay, and specialized fan parts stores may carry Harbor Breeze replacement parts. Ensure that you provide accurate details about your fan model to find compatible parts.
  4. Local Home Improvement Stores:
    • In addition to Lowe’s, check with other local home improvement stores that carry Harbor Breeze products. They may have replacement parts in stock or be able to place an order for you.
  5. Ceiling Fan Parts Retailers:
    • Some retailers specialize in selling replacement parts for various ceiling fan brands. You can explore online shops or stores that focus on providing parts for fans, lighting, and home appliances.
  6. Social Media and Forums:
    • Online forums and social media groups dedicated to home improvement or ceiling fans may offer advice and recommendations on where to find specific Harbor Breeze parts. Fellow users may share their experiences and point you in the right direction.

When looking for Harbor Breeze parts, it’s crucial to have information about your specific ceiling fan model, as parts can vary between models. This information is typically available in the product manual, on the fan itself, or on the original packaging. If you have difficulty finding the right part, reaching out to customer support for assistance is a good approach.

Harbor Breeze 69 Inch Airspan Ceiling Fan

The Harbor Breeze Airspan ceiling fan is just like it sounds. It has a huge “wing” span, if you will! This fan works great for any kind of aircraft enthusiast (or even if you just want lots of power to move large quantities of air around your room). The fan features an included light kit, and a remote control. The fan remote needs a 9volt battery, so make sure you purchase one with the fan or you won’t be able to control the fan when it arrives! The housing color or finish is a satin nickel. There are 8 blades – yes, eight – across all three of the fans that make up one large fan. There is a down rod included, and the fan comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Harbor Breeze Airspan Ceiling Fan
The Harbor Breeze Airspan fan is huge! It features three fans really, all turning as one. It looks like a giant air plane or jet plane and thus the name, Airspan! If you’ve got kids that are into airplanes, or even a pilot in the home, the Airspan fan may appeal to this niche quite nicely.

Where can I find a replacement part for my Harbor Breeze Airspan Ceiling Fan?

Although this is a lovely fan and does appeal to a certain niche, one thing to consider is the reports we’ve had from site visitors. The fan was discontinued sometime before 2011, so it’s been discontinued a long time. That means although you -may- be able to find places to purchase the fan, any kind of Harbor Breeze Airspan replacement parts are going to be very difficult to find. Site visitors have reported reaching out to major retailers only to be told, the fan is long discontinued so no parts are able to be found. This means if you plan on purchasing the fan and want longevity from it, keep in mind down the road you may have a tough time finding parts – or not be able to find them at all.

Common parts for the Harbor Breeze Airspan that site visitors look for:



Harbor Breeze Centreville light kit removal

This article pertains to the Harbor Breeze Model 40687, which is the Harbor Breeze Centreville ceiling fan

Does any of the below relate to your current ceiling fan project?

  • Remove light kit from the fan
  • Light kit deletion plate
  • Cover to be installed over the exposed pull chain assembly
  • Where the light kit used to be

A site visitor recently asked about a Harbor Breeze Centreville fan,
model 40687. The visitor said they were planning to remove the light kit
from the fan. In order to do so, they were looking for a light kit deletion
pane. This is basically a cover that gets installed, so it covers up
the area where the light kit used to be. Otherwise, if you don’t have a cover,
what you see is an exposed pull chain assembly.

Harbor Breeze Centreville Ceiling Fan

Obviously, you don’t want a gaping hole where you removed the cover.
With that being said, we’ve looked for a cover, or light kit deletion pane
for Harbor Breeze model 40687. What we came up with is that we are unable
to locate or source this part.

In this particular case, we would refer you to call Harbor Breeze customer
support. They’ll do their best to find the part that you’re looking for,
and let you know where it can be purchased. Often times when looking for a
replacement Harbor Breeze part, you have to reach out to the manufacturer

Did you find this answer helpful? Let us know by leaving a comment or posting
a message to our forum. We love to hear from our site visitors in terms
of whether the content we’re posting to our website is helpful or not!
If you still are having trouble finding the part you need, we encourage you to
try one of the above methods to get in touch with us.

Harbor Breeze Tilghman II Ceiling Fan Review

Harbor Breeze is widely popular for its vast range of ceiling fans that are actively being used and loved by the general audience. There is a long list of Harbor Breeze ceiling fans that have earned great names in the market. Some of the best ones are named Manon, Sail Stream, Merrimack II, Breeze Hydra, Lynstead, and others.

Apart from these efficient and powerful ceiling fans, Harbor Breeze also introduced a 5-blade magnificent and superior product, named the Harbor Breeze Tilghman II Ceiling Fan. It is a collection of bronze fans by the brand that comes with five woven blades. This weaving blade inclusion idea was for integrating the coastal-inspired vibe.

Harbor Breeze Tilghman II Ceiling Fan is ideal for use in indoor and outdoor areas. The mechanism of this fan is great. Also, the blades of this fan are well durable and are non-corrosive. Apart from that, you can also get a lot of features and aesthetic benefits of this fan, which you will know further in this article.

Harbor Breeze Tilghman II Features

The best thing about the Harbor Breeze Tilghman II Ceiling Fan is that it saves a lot of energy. You won’t get any sort of compromises in the cooling and soothing effect that this ceiling fan has to offer. The energy-saving aspect is an additional perk to this Tilghman II model’s aesthetic design and stylish appeal. Harbor Breeze makes ceiling fans not just for replicating style statements but also for making their products durable so as to last for a long period.

Harbor Breeze Tilghman II Ceiling Fan

To help you make a better decision in buying the Harbor Breeze Tilghman II Ceiling Fan, here are some of the brand and product features that you should know on priority:

Coastal-Type Design 

The Harbor Breeze Tilghman II Ceiling Fan parts are crafted out in such a way that the fan gives a retro or classic kind of a feel. Even though most of the products by Harbor Breeze come with modern and sleek designs, the brand has tried to put up a classic appeal as well. Therefore, this 52-inch ceiling fan comes with a coastal-type design to add the classic charm to your house.

Control Feature

The Harbor Breeze Tilghman II is much more than just its design! It is a remote-control ceiling fan. And you don’t need to turn it on from the wall switches anymore. Most people with ceiling fans are concerned about switching on and off the wall switches now and again. They are, in fact, lazy to get up from their seats to do this task. But with this product, you can now operate your ceiling fan by just toggling your remote. You can toggle between the speed settings of the fan, turn it on or turn it off with the help of the remote.

ETL Listing

The ETL listed mark is an indication for the retailers, distributors, and customers that the product has undergone testing by Intertek. And the test results indicate product proficiency as per the national standards. Hence, Harbor Breeze Tilghman II Ceiling Fan is listed with ETL, which states its proficiency even in damp locations. Also, with this aspect, you can use your Harbor Breeze ceiling fan across your covered patio or porch as well.

Number of Speeds and Blades

The Harbor Breeze Tilghman II is a 3-speed fan that gives optimal pace to the blades in order to maintain a consistent flow of air within or outside a room. There are five blades on this ceiling fan that contribute towards throwing efficient blows to keep the room cool. The high-speed motor embedded within this fan maintains a consistent and fast movement, even at speed.

Type of Mounting 

The Harbor Breeze Tilghman II Ceiling Fan can be mounted with a downrod mounting technique. Downrod is a metal pipe that connects the motor housing of the fan’s unit to the mounting hardware on the ceiling. The downrod then stabilizes the fan’s wobbling aspects, and the fan is now ready to use after all the bolts and screws are fastened. The size of the downrod varies, depending upon the length and diameter, and that is decided based on the type and application of the ceiling fan.

Color Availability

You get to choose between white and bronze colors for this model of Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan. Depending upon the theme of your room or space, get the desired color of Harbor Breeze Tilghman II Ceiling Fan.

Why Should you Purchase a Harbor Breeze Tilghman II Ceiling Fan?

Apart from the interesting features, a few more details will help you realize why you should choose the Harbor Breeze Tilghman II ceiling fan. And they include:

  • This ceiling fan is perfect for your use in all mid-sized rooms. A little less than mid-size rooms can also accommodate this ceiling fan.
  • It comes with an adaptable light kit for better illumination, right when you are enjoying the cool breeze.
  • Also, it is an eco-friendly choice of ceiling fan, as it saves a lot of electricity.
  • It is better if you mount it in a high ceiling room. It is because downrod mounting will bring the fan a bit lower than the roof. So, to ensure that you can walk safely underneath the running fan, install it at a heightened ceiling.
  • You can control the light settings from the remote as well.
  • It projects a quiet operation without causing any kind of disturbances. It has a silent motor to avoid disrupting your sleepy hours.
  • The installation is pretty much simple, as everything is stated clearly in the Harbor Breeze Tilghman II Ceiling Fan Manual.
  • The manufacturer offers a long-term warranty on all its ceiling fan products.


So now, you got a brief idea of what you can expect from the Harbor Breeze Tilghman II Ceiling Fan. It is one of the best ceiling fans you can buy at an affordable price from various e-commerce sites. What’s better than the price is the quality that the brand has to offer. So, make sure to consider Harbor Breeze Tilghman II if you are seeking a quality ceiling fan anytime sooner.


Calera fan parts

Recently we had a site visitor ask, “where can I find a replacement globe for the Harbor Breeze Calera Ceiling Fan?” When we looked online for more information, we found the manual for this ceiling fan. In the manual, the following parts are listed as being purchased with the ceiling fan. We list these parts out below with the part numbers. Please keep in mind, we are not the manufacturer and we obtained these part numbers from the Harbor Breeze Calera Ceiling Fan Manual

Harbor Breeze Calera – Parts List (with part numbers)

A Downrod 0020160-A
B Canopy 0020160-B
C Mounting Bracket 0020160-C
D Yoke Cover 0020160-D
G Canopy Cover 0020160-G
H Blade Arm 0020160-H
I Blade 0020160-I
HW Hardware Kit 0020160-HW

Harbor Breeze Calera Ceiling Fan
Here is what the Calera ceiling fan looks like. On this page you’ll find part numbers for replacement parts, so hopefully that helps in terms of finding the replacement parts that you need.

While it is possible there is another variation of the Harbor Breeze Calera that comes with a light kit and/or a required globe, this one that we looked at does not come standard with a light kit, or a globe. Therefore, it can certainly be difficult to find a replacement globe for this fan, if that is what you’re looking for. We encourage you to try the following options if you’re still searching for a globe for this fan. Also, are you sure you have the right model of ceiling fan?

Where to find support for Harbor Breeze Calera

The first stop you can make is our support forums. Once you register, you’ll be able to post your question. Or simply make a request for replacement parts – that works, too.

  1. Go to our support forums here. Post your question related to troubleshooting, or if you need a replacement part. Remember – we’re not the manufacturer, please don’t vent on us
  2. Try using these phone numbers to get in touch with Harbor Breeze support
  3. You can find the Harbor Breeze Ceiling Calera Fan Manual here. The part numbers posted above are directly from this manual.


Finding Harbor Breeze End Caps

Like many parts for Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans, finding an end cap can be challenging. When looking around on Google there are many websites that you will find. All of them say they have end caps available, but looking closer none of them do. Even looking at Home Depot or Lowe’s, it appears that very few end caps for Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans seem to be available.

Hey, we’re just providing the information and knowledge here after taking a look around, just like you. Due to the fact that it’s difficult to even find these end caps from first party retailers, that means that most third party websites you find from Googling aren’t going to be able to offer the end caps either. In most situations, you’ll likely have to buy the end caps used rather then buying a brand new ceiling fan. Of course, we encourage you to reach out to the manufacturer directly using the available phone numbers we’ve been able to provide here.

Harbor Breeze End Caps
Finding Harbor Breeze End Caps can be challenging. When looking on the home depot website, as well as Lowe’s, they don’t really seem to have much to offer in this regard. If the major retailers don’t have the parts, it’s not exactly an easy find for other smaller websites that use the major retailers for their supply chain and logistics.

The only place we’ve been able to find or procure end caps from is eBay. Again, just being honest here. Even if you find some replacement end caps, chances are you may not be able to find the specific one for your model. We recommend the following course of action if looking for Harbor Breeze end caps:

  • Call the manufacturer and ask them what end caps will be compatible with your fan. For this, you’ll need the make and model details of your fan first. If you’re not sure what that is, read our article on figuring out the make and model of fan you have.
  • Ask the manufacturer or any support line you can talk to, for the part numbers of end caps that are compatible with your fan
  • Scour the Internet for those part numbers. Try Googling for the part numbers, or searching for them on Ebay.


Harbor Breeze End Caps
Here’s an example of some end caps you can find on Ebay.com. Finding them online elsewhere seems to be a challenge. The end caps are not expensive, they’re just difficult to find at any other retailers then Lowe’s

We haven’t had success on Amazon.com or .ca for these specific end caps. However, should that change in the future, we’ll be sure to update you!

Ceiling Fan Dipswitches

If you’re having a problem with your ceiling fan remote, and you’ve read into what dipswitches are all about, then you’ve likely landed on this page. It is possible that your ceiling fan dipswitch is malfunctioning, or needs to be replaced. The first thing you need to understand about dipswitches with ceiling fans, is they are the programming between the remote and the receiver. Before even thinking about replacing dipswitch modules, you should ensure that they are set the same way on the remote as they are on the fan’s receiver module. The dip switch modules on either the receiver of the remote should be replaced as a very last resort.

Ceiling Fan Dip Switch
Here’s what a dip switch looks like. They’re quite inexpensive – you can find replacement dipswitches on amazon for as little as 5 or 6 dollars.

Dipswitch modules may require replacement when you notice that they are no longer connected properly. Dipswitch modules have leads, where they are generally soldered into the receiver and the remote. Unless they are loose, they should not need to be replaced. It’s going to be a rare situation when you need to replace the dipswitches. With all of that being said, to replace dipswitches you will need to know how to solder. Dipswitches are generally soldered into the circuit board, much the same way as transistors or capacitors. The dipswitch module in itself is very inexpensive, and it’s not that difficult to solder another one in, as long as you know how to solder, desolder and check connections when you’re done.

What if I don’t know how to solder – how do I replace the dip switch?

If you’re not sure how to solder, or never done it before, you may want to consider replacing other components instead. E.g the remote can simply be replaced, and then make sure the ceiling fan dipswitch in the new remote is setup the same way as the dipswitches inside of the fan/receiver. Remotes are generally not too expensive. The cost of the remote of course is going to outweigh the few dollars you’d pay for a dipswitch. Dipswitches may be $5 or so, while remotes can be anywhere from $10-$50. It’s up to you to decide what remote you want, but also to ensure that the remote you purchase is compatible with  your fan.

Harbor Breeze Tilghman Replacement Blades

The Tilghman is a damp rated fan, so it works on the porch or patio. The blades on the Tilghman work quite well to create a palm tree effect, as the blades do look like a palm tree. Thus, the Tilghman really can start and complete the look of having a fan that works well in a humid location, and it will stand up to the elements outside like rain or humid temperatures.

For whatever reason, it appears there are many requests for Tilghman replacement blades. We do our best to help you to find the replacement Harbor Breeze Tilghman replacement fan blades. If you have been unsuccessful in finding the Tilghman ceiling fan blades at your local retailer, you may now be looking online to find a place to acquire replacement Tilghman fan blades. Of course, you’ll want to ensure the fan blades are the right size first. Most of these fans that we run across, are 52″ blade spans. If you purchased your Tilghman with 52 inch fan blades, then this is relevant to your fan.

Harbor Breeze Tilghman Ceiling Fan
The Tilghman ceiling fan comes in a number of different variants. The outdoor variant works well on porches and patios.

Although the Tilghman looks very sophisticated, the simplicity of the Tilghman is likely what attracts many homeowners and fan enthusiasts. There are three speeds. One of the things you should know about this fan is that Lowe’s describes it as “light kit adaptable” and “remote control adaptable.” This means that the fan likely does not come with either of these parts. It’s important to understand also that “remote control adaptable” may not necessarily mean you can simply purchase a remote and program it via dip switch settings to the fan. It is possible that an actual receiver needs to be purchased and installed into the fan. Be sure to ask the local retailer if you are considering purchasing a Tilghman fan. You’re welcome to post questions related to the Tilghman on our forums as well. If we don’t know the answer, other site visitors may be able to help.