Ceiling fan is making a clicking noise

Whether you do have a Harbor Breeze ceiling fan, or a fan from another manufacturer, it’s possible that your fan may be making clicking noises. It’s possible that the fan may make these noises on any speed setting, or even just particular speed settings.

Many site visitors immediately think it’s a problem with the motor – which is actually not the case. If you have a problem with the motor, you may see symptoms like the fan not turning properly. Loud clicking noises can be the result of a loose blade, loose screw or another component that is generating the noise when friction is applied (when the fan turns). Check for loose blades. Take a look for the screws, or set screws that hold the blades onto the blade arms. Are they all secured well?

Try wiggling blades to find which blade is loose. Once you have found a loose blade, check all the screws and mounting components attached to that blade to find the source of the problem.

6 thoughts on “Ceiling fan is making a clicking noise

    • Hi Dianne,
      When we try looking for Harbor Breeze model # BOB5ZMBK5N , we find Harbor Breeze 46-in 5 Blade Matte Black Indoor Ceiling Fan. This is not an outdoor fan. Can you please double check the model number – what is the model name?


  1. I have a harbour breeze ocean front indoor 52 inch fan, it was making a clicking noise, all the blades were tight. When I looked closer 2 screws further in(from where the mounting blade screws are under the motor)were almost completely off, and another was really loose. How can I tighten those screws? The light fixture under the motor is in the way with now access.

    • I recently had a similar problem that was getting worse. I discovered that one blade, during rotation, was striking one of the screws that secured the light glove on the light fixture. I adjusted the lower light fixture screws out and tighten the one on top so that it was lower and behold the clicking or in my case thumping went away.

  2. We have a Harbor Breeze 52 inch fan with leaf like blades. I need replacements. Where can I get them. The original blades have warped and my wife wants it to look like new. Can anyone help? Thank you.

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