Harbor Breeze Flush Mount Ceiling Fans

Harbor Breeze Flush Mount Ceiling Fans are super useful when you have a low ceiling. What is a flush mount ceiling fan? Basically, a Harbor Breeze Fan means you don’t need a downrod in order to mount it to the ceiling. It mounts directly to the ceiling. There are a number of advantages and of course, disadvantages to using flush mount fans. As mentioned, an advantage to a flush mount fan is making the best use of a limited amount of ceiling space. Another advantage of not having a downrod is that you may notice the fan wobbling less. It’s not common for fans to wobble, however all fans with downrods have at least a little bit of wobble.

Another consideration is if you have small children that like to play in the room where the fan is located. Do you have any consideration or worries that perhaps the fan may get rocked or hit? Say for instance that your children like to play with a soccer ball or some other form or sport near the fan.

Harbor Breeze Pawtucket Flush Mount Fan

Harbor Breeze has a good selection and variety of flushmount fans. These fans mount directly to the ceiling without the use of any downrod.

Flush Mount fans also can be quieter than their downrod utilizing brethren. Because of the fact that the downrod creates at least some level of vibration, it creates at least some level of noise as well. A flush mount fan creates much less vibration as there’s no downrod attached, so the fan tends to move more effortlessly with less vibration and less friction.

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