Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Parts

Obtaining a replacement part for your Harbor Breeze ceiling fan does not have to be a chore. We will try to help you as much as possible to find the replacement part that you need. The first step in terms of obtaining a replacement is knowing the part number of your existing part that you need replaced. If you still have the documentation that came with the fan, try taking a look inside to see if there is a parts list that can be utilized.

Another way to find the part you need is to call Lowe’s customer support. Harbor Breeze, being the house brand of Lowe’s is supported by them. You can take the damaged or broken part to a local Lowe’s and see if they can help you to find a replacement. The part may need to be ordered and may not be readily available at the store itself.

When asking a question online and looking for a replacement Harbor Breeze part, it’s important to know the make and model of the fan. The part number is always good, but if you don’t have that, take a look at the side of the box to determine the make and model of the fan.

If you know the make and model of the fan, Lowe’s customer support should be able to help. You can also try posting online to the many different online communities. You can post to this site, and we will attempt to answer your question. There are many other online communities to ask a question too, such as the Home Depot online community.

Also online you will find part repositories, where you can purchase a replacement part and have it shipped out to your address. Amazon carries many parts. Home Depot also carries many parts that are useful.

Common Harbor Breeze Replacement Parts:

Harbor Breeze Light Kits

A light kit is a great addition to any existing ceiling fan. It adds on a second function of the fan. Many Harbor Breeze ceiling fans ship with light kits, however if your fan does not have one you first have to check – is the fan light kit adaptable? It would often say in the instruction manual of your fan. If the fan is light kit adaptable, you can purchase a light kit to add onto an existing ceiling fan. Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans are not overly expensive, and generally available. Therefore, if you can’t find the right light kit to go with your fan, or not sure if you can mount a light kit with it, you could always replace the fan. Generally you can buy a Harbor Breeze fan for $200 to $300, you may even find them less than this at your local Home Depot store.

Harbor Breeze Light Kits generally support dimming options, and you can use a universal Harbor Breeze remote to control both the light kit and the ceiling fan. Having two remotes would be a pain. If you do find yourself in this situation, try purchasing a universal remote. Harbor Breeze universal remotes should be compatible with most Harbor Breeze fans.

Harbor Breeze Capacitors


Harbor Breeze Capacitor

The capacitor controls the movement speed of the Harbor Breeze ceiling fan. If broken or not working properly, a telltale sign is the fan will not move properly or not move at all. The capacitor is not difficult to replace.

If replacing the capacitor of your Harbor Breeze fan, make sure you know what the make and model of your fan is. In doing so, you also need to check that the capacitor is compatible with your make and model.

Harbor Breeze Replacement Motor

If you need to replace the motor on your fan, you may be in for a bit of trouble. Replacing the motor is the most difficult part of the fan to replace. You should explore all other options before you decide to replace the motor on your fan. It may be an easier choice to simply replace the entire fan.

Harbor Breeze Motor Screws
Harbor Breeze Motor Screws are needed to mount the motor.

Replacement Ceiling Fan Remotes

A replacement remote is a highly sought after item. There’s so many reasons why this happens. The remote could had been dropped, now it’s broken or it won’t connect to the fan. Sometimes remotes just stop working. You replace the batteries, and the remote still does not work. This happens, too. Other times it’s possible that the pullchain has broken off the fan, so now the only way to turn the fan on is with the remote. The ceiling fan remote is very convenient, however if it stops working and won’t work even after replacing the batteries, that convenience factor is immediately lost and it’s replaced with nuisance. Right?

If you need help troubleshooting the ceiling fan remote, after switching the batteries make sure you check the dip switches also. You can read our guide on troubleshooting Harbor Breeze ceiling fan remotes. If nothing tends to work out, another option is simply to replace the remote and the receiver by opening the fan housing and installing a universal ceiling fan receiver. These packages are generally inexpensive, and come with a remote that will communicate with the universal receiver that you install.