Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Light Covers

A ceiling fan light cover is much how it sounds – it’s simple a cover that is applied over the light kit. If you are missing a cover, there are a few different implications. If the cover acts like a globe to mask light, then the light may not point the way you would like it to. Globes or covers help to control how the light is filtered and re-directed throughout the room. Without a cover the angle of the light would be different then it is with the cover. Often times, you’ll want a cover, globe or something to be that filter. It helps distribute the light throughout the room.

Finding replacement light covers is like finding other parts for Harbor Breeze fans. One of the challenges with Harbor Breeze, is say you find replacement light covers. The challenge is knowing whether the light cover you find, is compatible with your fan or not. It can be difficult to know from finding light covers online because they often don’t say what fans they are compatible in the product details or description. If you don’t know if the light cover is compatible or not, you may need to contact Harbor Breeze support to find out.

Harbor Breeze Light Cover

An example of a Harbor Breeze light cover. You’ll need to find a light cover that matches the current decor of your fan or existing light dome, light cover, etc.

How do I find a replacement Harbor Breeze Light Cover?

Finding a replacement light cover or dome means you need to match the new part up to the decor of your existing fan, globe or light cover as well. Often times, the existing light cover or dome gets broken or smashed. It could had been the kids that did it, or maybe  you did while you were exercising and practiced that super high kick! The latter thing may not be as common, but broken globes or broken light covers are common.

Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Light Kit with Alabaster Glass

This is a Harbor Breeze light kit with alabaster glass for the shade material. The wattage is 60 watts. Although this is both the light kit and the shade, it is the best we can provide under the circumstances, as just a light cover or shade on it’s own is not available unless you deal with the major retailers that provide Harbor Breeze ceiling fans. Should this change in the future, we will be sure to add the available light covers and shades here for site visitors to purchase and review.

Harbor Breeze Incandescent Ceiling Fan Light Kit

We would love to have the light covers available here for purchase, but they are not available online when looking about.

If you find other locations then the major retailers to purchase shades or light covers, please go ahead and post a comment or review to our website to let us know. We would be happy to hear where you were able to locate a replacement light cover or shade.

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