Harbor Breeze Glass Bowls

A glass bowl is a shade that goes onto the light kit. Many of the Harbor Breeze glass bowls that are available are ornate in nature and quite lovely. Some of the glass bowls from Harbor Breeze are reviewed and discussed in more detail below.

A glass bowl is much like a glass shade. It can be easily dropped and smashed upon the floor. This happens to many people because they attempt to change the shade or bowl on their own. It’s much more effective to do this with a partner, spouse or friend helping you. Why? Because at some point, you’re going ot need four hands – two to hold the bowl in place, and two to secure the bowl to the fan. Same rule applies when you need to unfasten the bowl – you’ll need someone to hold onto it while you do this. Unless of course you’re a superhero, with super fast cat like reflexes. We don’t suggest leaving it to chance – keep in mind when that bowl is unfastened, it’s going to drop!

Broken Bowl or Shade
This is what a broken bowl or lamp shade looks like – notice how the pieces have splintered off, making it more difficult to repair the shade.

Frosted Glass Bowls

A frosted glass bowl is glass the has a frosty finish. Frosted Glass Bowls are often a popular design, and quite common in the marketplace today. Many lamp shade manufacturers produce frosted glass lamp shades. It’s typically not too expensive to manufacture or purchase. Frosted Glass has its benefits – its more of a tapered glass, so if it smashes or breaks there is that chance it may not crack into as many small pieces. If you have a frosted glass bowl smash on you, take a look and see if it’s in just a few pieces, or many. If there is just some cracks and the breaks are not many, you may be able to glue it back together with superglue or other strong adhesives. However, if the bowl has broken into many small pieces this will be not advisable or doable.

Mosaic Glass Bowl

A mosaic glass bowl is much like stained glass. There is a pattern or design which essentially becomes part of the bowl. Mosaic glass is interesting, in that each piece continues the design. Mosaic glass will break easier than other forms of glass. It is often thinner than frosted glass and more likely to chip, fade or become damaged. Because of the design which is built into the mosaic glass, much like Tiffany stained glass, a break can be much more difficult to repair with glue or other adhesives.

Mosaic glass bowls can be heavier than frosted glass as well. It’s advisable to have help when you mount or unmount these glass bowls to the ceiling.

Harbor Breeze Mosaic Glass Bowl

Which Harbor Breeze replacement glass bowl do I need for my fan?

This is a great question, and one that we get asked often. Generally, the way to go about this is to check the manual that came with your fan. If you don’t know where the manual is, that’s okay. We can help with that. We do have a number of replacement manuals available here for download, and we grow our collection all the time. In the manual, you’ll want to check the parts section for the parts that came with the fan. Take a look for the part number of the glass bowl or shade. If that’s not an option and you’re really having a tough time finding the manual for your fan, you have a few options. The first option is to ask on our website by posting a comment, or by going to the forums. The second option is to reach out to Harbor Breeze customer support.

Finding a replacement glass bowl from another manufacturer to fit your fan can be tough. The dimensions need to line up exactly in order for the glass bowl to fit onto your fan. If the dimensions don’t line up, obviously it’s not going to fit. The screw sizes need to line up. Everything needs to be in perfect alignment in order for the replacement part to stay there on your Harbor Breeze fan.