Harbor Breeze Pullchains

Not all ceiling fans operate by remote – sometimes, fans operate by pullchain. Pullchains are like they sound, a chain to pull on that operates the fan. The pullchain generally will activate the fan on the first speed, and then pulling it again would operate second speed, or reverse, etc. There may be multiple pull chains as well. Pull chains are useful in the event that the remote stops working. Some people swear by pull chains, because if you use them properly, you never have to troubleshoot remotes. The only disadvantage is, well – pullchains of course aren’t as convenient as a remote.

If your Harbor Breeze fan has a short pullchain, it can be hard to reach. Ultimately, pullchains aren’t as convenient as a remote. A remote can stop working; a pullchain can also snap off the fan if you pull too hard – so be careful not to let it hang too low, as the kids or even the dog or cat could potentially damage the pullchain if it does hang too low. Also, if it’s low people could just walk right into it – it does happen! These aren’t usual problems people have with pullchains though, mind you.

Harbor Breeze Football Pull Chain

Neat, right? Even if you don’t like football, you have to admit that this pullchain is pretty cool. It makes the fan more fun, so this pullchain works great for the kid’s rooms.

Pullchains are a good backup method if and when the remote fails. If you have a super old fan, it’s also possible the receiver may no longer be working on the fan – this happens too. If so, a pullchain can certainly be a viable option. You may not want to replace the remote or the receiver; the pullchain is more difficult for it to fail.

If you need a replacement pullchain, we do have some available on this page.

How do Harbor Breeze Pullchains get broken?

  • Sometimes the kids can pull on the chain too hard
  • You pulled on the chain too hard!
  • Your wife or husband pulled on the chain too hard and blamed it on the kids!
  • Wear and tear – eventually the chain can simply lose it’s connection with it’s mounting point.

Luckily, replacing a pull chain is generally just a matter of a few dollars – no big deal, right?


Harbor Breeze Pullchains pullchain2


pullchain4 Harbor Breeze Pullchains

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