Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Warranty

If you have a warranty issue with your fan, you’ll need to contact Lowe’s. Knowing whether your fan is in warranty or not is the first step. There’s a few ways you can do that:

  • The warranty of the fan may be mentioned on the original box, or in the manual.
  • You can call customer support with the serial number to check if the fan is still under warranty.
  • Extended warranties can sometimes be purchased at the store, along with the fan at the time of purchase.
  • The warranty will cover defects at the time of purchase.
  • Fan parts will be free from defects for one year
  • The warranty will no longer apply to the fan if it changes hands, is resold, etc. So in essence, you must be the original purchaser of the fan from the store, or the warranty is not applicable.
Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan with a broken blade
This fan has a broken blade. If this happened to you right out of the box, return it to the store. If you broke the blade, they may not take it back. This is likely not something you would try to redeem through a warranty claim, but you can find the parts to fix it yourself.

Warranties generally will cover the motor. Some other parts of the fan may be covered under warranty. If you need warranty support, you need to reach out to Lowe’s directly. Harbor Breeze is a store brand that belongs to Lowe’s. They import the fans directly from China and there is no where else to provide these warranty services but them, as they are the only ones who have access to these fans.

Hours of Operation for Lowe’s customer support:

Monday to Saturday
7 am to 1 am EST
Sunday 10 am to 9 pm EST

Harbor Breeze Warranty Document

If you are looking for the warranty document that Harbor Breeze uses in their ceiling fan manuals, you can find that here. Please note that we obtained this from searching online, and we are not the manufacturer of Harbor Breeze ceiling fans. If you need to contact Harbor Breeze support for a warranty dispute, we provide the contact details to do so here. We are a third party resource only. We will do our best to help and answer questions, but warranty issues must be directed to Harbor Breeze, Home Depot or Lowe’s. If you recently purchased your ceiling fan (within 30 days) it is recommended you return it to the store it was purchased from.