Harbor Breeze Wiring Diagrams

If searching for a Harbor Breeze wiring diagram, you’re certainly not alone. Luckily, most ceiling fans all have the same wiring colors. They are all pretty generic in that way. This mini guide below should help to explain what wiring colors you will find in your fan, and how to match them up to the wires that you’ll find coming out of the ceiling.

Keep in mind these are generic wire colors and yours may be a little different, but most fans are the same.

Hot wires – these are the wires that carry voltage. Be careful with these wires as they are the ones you can get a shock from:

Black – hot wire for the fan.

Blue – this one is usually for the light or light kit and is hot.

Neutral: white

Ground wires: green or a bare wire

Generic fan wiring instructions:

  • White is neutral
  • Green is ground
  • Black is hot for the fan
  • Blue is hot for the light
  • White connects to white
  • Green to green

If the fan is controlled by one switch, then twist the black and blue wires together.

Connect it to the black wire which is hanging down from the ceiling.

If the fan has two switches, connect the black wire from the fan to the black, blue and red wire in the ceiling.

If there is a metal box in the ceiling, then you need to connect the ground wire to that also. Make sure grounds are used. If electrical circuits are not grounded, it’s more likely you’ll get an electrical shock while working on the fan.

White wires are usually neutral. Keep an eye open for the neutral wire having black tape wrapped around it, or other wires which appear not to be hot but have black tape wrapped around the ends. Electricians will wrap the ends of wires with tape in order to signify they are hot, and carry a charge.

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