Harbor Breeze Hydra 70 Inch Indoor Ceiling Fan

Wow – this fan has a 70″ blade span! That’s pretty amazing. Yes, the Harbor Breeze Hydra Ceiling Fan does have a 70 inch blade span. That’s huge! As such, this ceiling fan is best mounted into large rooms. The finish on the fan is a brushed nickel. The blades are of a toffee color – very handsome.

Remote control included?  Yes, this ceiling fan does come with a remote control. The remote control has dimmers, sleep timer, fan speed control. Fan also features reverse feature. It can be changed depending on whether it’s winter or summer, so you can use the fan to the benefit of your family year round.

Harbor Breeze Hydra Ceiling Fan

For a 70″ ceiling fan, this ceiling fan is pretty darn affordable. It moves a ton of air too, which is great. Works best in a large room. The fan may not work great in a patio setting, but if you plan to use it indoors it’ll work just fine. Interesting and unique design, also.

Does the Hydra come with a light kit? Yes, the Hydra does come with a frosted glass light kit.

Down rod included?  Yes, there is a down rod included with this fan.


  • Many homeowners who install this fan into a larger room, like a living room report it moves a large volume of air
  • Price won’t break the bank, excellent price for a fan this large
  • Very quiet


  • May not work well in a patio setting without a longer downrod
  • Light kit reported to be not very bright, and have a yellowish tint (this may not be a problem for everyone)

Harbor Breeze Hydra Ceiling Fan Manual

If you are looking for the manual for the Hydra, you can find it here. The PDF is downloadable, and generally works best if you download the file. If you click the link and the file is taking too long to open, click the download link in the top right of the screen. Then you will be able to open it easier from your local computer.

Harbor Breeze Hydra Ceiling Fan Manual

How much does the Hydra cost to purchase?

At the time of this writing, the Harbor Breeze Hydra ceiling fan costs roughly $250 USD to purchase. This is not a horrible price point. One of the things to consider is that finding replacement parts for the Hydra can sometimes be a challenge. We have had a number of requests for a replacement LED disc for the Hydra, as an example. Although we have looked for replacement parts for the Hydra, unfortunately we have not been able to locate or provide resources for replacement parts. Even when looking at the website of major retailers that sell the fan, they do not seem to have online listings of replacement parts. For the most part, it appears as if you will need to contact these major retailers separately by phone or in person and see if you are able to locate a replacement LED disc, or other parts you may require.

At $250 to purchase the Hydra ceiling fan, you may consider simply buying a new one when you need to replace the LED disc. If you’ve tried everything else and nothing has worked, it’s something you may want to consider. We know it’s obviously not the optimal solution, but sometimes you may spend a lot more time looking for a replacement part for the Hydra then simply buying a new one. If you don’t like this idea, we totally understand. We are not the manufacturer of the fan and only list the ability to purchase the Harbor Breeze Hydra Ceiling Fan here is an alternative, when you are not able to find a replacement LED disc, fan blades, motors or other parts.




7 thoughts on “Harbor Breeze Hydra 70 Inch Indoor Ceiling Fan

  1. I’ve been trying to get a replacement light kit for 3 or 4 months now. Where can i get it as every time I call Lowes, they say the manufacturer has said they will no longer provide replacement parts.

  2. Daily my fan will reverse direction on its own and I will l have to turn it off and back on to get it to work properly. What can be done to fix this issue.? Is it the remote, the fan, something going out in the fan?

  3. Hi my hydra ceiling fan is not working well. It seems to start spinning slowly then stop and then try again, and it’s making a knocking noise.

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