Harbor Breeze LCD Ceiling Fan Remote Control

Having a touch screen on any piece of electronics is always helpful and improves visibility. With LCD remotes you can see everything the fan is doing, which only further improves visibility. LCD Displays add a digital overview of what all of the controls are currently set to.

When looking online for Harbor Breeze LCD ceiling fan remote controls, the problem is that they are difficult to find. There are not many that exist on the Internet for our site visitors to buy. We get asked from time to time, can you provide me with the LCD or touch screen ceiling fan remote for my Harbor Breeze. The model number is 0338739, as an example. We wish we could help with these inquiries, but we are not able to find many touch screen remote controls from Harbor Breeze that are available whatsoever. If you do know of a place we can acquire them, other than Home Depot please do feel free to let us know. Generally, Home Depot is probably your best bet. We hear all of the horror and war stories from people who have tried and tried to get parts from that retailer so we understand if you have tried and are having trouble. It’s completely understandable to get frustrated with them and look online in order to find a suitable replacement for your Harbor Breeze touch screen remote control.

Generally these remotes can operate up to 40 feet from the fan. Also, one important note is that these remotes do not always work with flushmount fans. Keep this in mind.

Not all ceiling fans are compatible with this type of remote control, so you need to check and make sure before purchase that it is compatible or not.

11 thoughts on “Harbor Breeze LCD Ceiling Fan Remote Control

  1. Do you know what type of remote will work with
    harbor breeze model m52-5B/3LIXE ? I purchased universal but it has dip switches and the receiver in the fan does not have these. Is there a remote that will work that will match up to the receiver in the fan?

  2. I have a remote for my ceiling Fan light. It has an unusual battery in it. I have been to many store to purchase a new Battery. which I could not find. How can a get a new battery. I think it’s a D battery?

  3. I have broken my remote. The FCC ID on the back is A-25 TX 007R1
    Where do I buy one?
    Does the remote have a model number
    Thanks, BOB

  4. We live our wireless ceiling fan. We have encountered a issue as the remote will not shut off the fan so the fan is continuously running. Can you advise how we would be able to fix this?

  5. What is wrong with a Harbor Breeze Anderic A25-TX012 remote control when the pairing light (top light on the remote) does not blink at all ? It’s less than 5 years old. Is the circuit board bad ? If so, how can I get a replacement ?

  6. I have a remote to my ceiling fan with a light but I cannot figure out how to turn the light on. My remote is different from what you show. It has a numbered round thing with numbers 1 through 6. Three blue buttons and then 3 square buttons labeled 2H, 4H and8H there is a rectangular button under those that I can slide a bit..

    I was not able to get help from your videos.

  7. My fan/light initially worked fine with the remote when it was first set up. It stopped working a few weeks ago. The ceiling fan and light both are not working. I have a red light blink on the remote when I press any of the buttons. I did not think it was the batter but i replaced it anyway. It still doesn’t work. How can it be that dipstick problem? Does it change without warning? It’s basically worthless. I don’t have the expertise to dismantle it to check dip switches and such.

  8. My remote for my ceiling fan item number 0883810 / 0883809. It’s not working. I’ve trouble shoot everything including changing the battery twice. Where can I order a remote replacement?

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