Harbor Breeze Mazon Ceiling Fan

The Harbor Breeze Mazon ceiling fan is sometimes referred to as the Mason ceiling fan. This spelling error is understandable as many sometimes call it the Mason by accident. That’s OK, but just to make our site visitors aware – it is the Mazon. It’s OK, we made the same mistake too!
Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s talk about the Mazon from Harbor Breeze. The Mazon is a 44 inch ceiling fan with flush mount application. That means it is excellent in rooms with lower ceilings, as it can be mounted directly to the ceiling. The fan features an integrated LED light kit. This means that the light kit does an excellent job of illuminating the room, while doing so in an energy efficient manner. There are no bulbs to replace or buy for this light kit; the LED light is integrated so you’ll never have to buy bulbs. How convenient!
Harbor Breeze Mazon Ceiling Fan
The Harbor Breeze Mazon (not to be confused with Mason) ceiling fan is flush mount and has a 44″ blade span. This means that it works well in smaller rooms, but not in larger ones.
This fan is convenient and works best in small rooms which are up to 100 square feet (with lower ceilings). It will not work well in larger rooms as the volume of air being moved around simply won’t be sufficient for the requirement. Seasonally, the direction of the fan can be changed to push cool air down in the summer, and move around hot or warmer air in the winter. This often helps to lower your heating and cooling bill by about 33% or so. While a ceiling fan does not replace an air conditioner, in a small room the Mazon may resolve the issue of having to run the air conditioner often.

Replacement Harbor Breeze Mazon Ceiling Fan Shade

If you are looking for a replacement glass shade for the Mazon ceiling fan, you can find one at your local major retailer. The item number at Lowe’s for the replacement glass shade is is 4664684.
The fan does come with a remote control. Fan features a limited lifetime warranty.


13 thoughts on “Harbor Breeze Mazon Ceiling Fan

  1. I am looking for a Harbor Breeze Mazon wiring diagram for ceiling fan with light. I am removing a remote control transmitter from fan and installing a wall mount switches (one for fan and second for light). Please email me a wiring diagram at kirkmp@yahoo.com

  2. I’m trying to get a replacement LED light kit, as well. Mine isn’t working anymore, and there’s an oily substance inside the plastic cover that goes over the LEDs. It seems like one of the capacitors went bad and leaked out, maybe?

  3. I’m also looking to replace the LED plate module…!!! Has anyone successfully replaced one from a fan that’s just over 3 yrs old.

  4. we are having trouble with the light on what I think is the Mazon. It looks essentially identical to the first fan shown on the Harbor Breeze Mazon fan page. However, the remote is more oval/teardrop shaped. The problem is that after about a year, the light dimmer function no longer brightened to the normal level. The light range still gradually hanged from almost not on at all to a very low brightness that I would say is about a 10th as bright as it should be. So it looks like the remote is functioning, but the light output is not what it should be. Please advise on trouble shooting.

    1. by “first fan shown”, I was referring to the all metal three bladed mazon model, not the fan on the page header, that shows what looks like two full blades of a five bladed fan.

  5. worst fan ever. cannot operate without remote, cannot replace remote if lost or damaged. FABULOUS time for a new fan you bet it wont be harbor breeze

  6. Can two of these fans be installed 20 feet apart or will one remote operate both fans? Can the remote be reprogrammed so it only operates one fan?

  7. I purchased a Harbor Breeze Maxim ceiling fan recently and found that there was no installation manual included. Could you please email the appropriate manual. Thanks

  8. I had my fan installed by a handiman who took the trash with him. I don’t have a manual and need one to help me figure out the light switch and remote operation I can’t find one on line for the Harbor BreeZe Mazon fan I have can you help me???

  9. The LED light worked fine for last 2 months, and the light suddenly dimmed down. It seemed the bright became 50% less of original.
    Was the problem on LED light kit? or other?
    Fan is working well now.
    Do I need to replace the light kit?

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