Harbor Breeze Newbern Ceiling Fan Manual

The Harbor Breeze Newbern Ceiling Fan Manual is available here. We list the PDFs in their entirety, allowing you to download the manual and keep it for reference purposes. The reason we do this is we realize that many site visitors will be looking to download the manual, potentially even print it. This way you don’t need to keep a lot of cumbersome links on hand trying to forage for information later on. We work hard to keep our links up to date, but if you do find a broken link to a manual and it’s not working, please use the comment section or contact us to let us know. We’ll do our best to find that dead link and get it updated so it’s working again.

Harbor Breeze Newbern Ceiling Fan
The Newbern features reversible blades, and an integrated light kit which is elegant and frosted glass. The Newbern has a 52 inch blade span.

The Harbor Breeze Newbern ceiling fan is elegant and ornate. If you need help installing the fan, or just general troubleshooting details, the manual can be a good place to start. We have a working downloadable PDF manual of the Harbor Breeze Newbern below.

An additional thing of note, we are not the manufacturer of Harbor Breeze ceiling fans. If you’re having a problem and need help, we’re happy to help you – but please keep the conversation respectful, or we won’t assist. We often find that site visitors are upset or unhappy about a problem with a Harbor Breeze fan. We can understand that, but keep in mind we’re here to help you!

How to Print the Harbor Breeze Newbern Ceiling Fan Manual

Once you download the manual you also have the ability to print the manual. If you are printing the manual for the Harbor Breeze Newbern Ceiling Fan, you may want to omit the sections that are in other languages. In the Newbern ceiling fan manual, Spanish language instructions start around page 20. This way you can save on some ink if you don’t need instructions in Spanish.

The Harbor Breeze Newbern ceiling fan manual has instructions to install the ceiling fan, including initial installation instructions, wiring assistance and diagrams, wiring colors, and final installation. If you’re following the manual, we’re sure you’ll be successful!

We have provided an outlook of the table of contents below, from the Newbern fan manual. This should help to give you some idea what is contained within the manual.


Package Contents                                                       Page  3
Hardware Contents                                                     Page   4
Safety Information                                                      Page 5
Preparation                                                                 Page 6
Initial Installation                                                        Page 7
Standard or Angle Mounting Instructions                  Page 9
Closemount Instructions                                             Page 11
Wiring                                                                          Page 12
Final Installation                                                          Page 13
Operating Instructions                                                Page   16
Care and Maintenance                                                Page 17
Troubleshooting                                                          Page 17
Limited Lifetime Warranty                                           Page 19
Replacement Parts List                                                Page 20


You can find the Harbor Breeze Newbern ceiling fan manual below:

Harbor Breeze Newbern Ceiling Fan Manual


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