Harbor Breeze Remote App

Harbor Breeze Remote App
You can download an app for your phone that works just like a Harbor Breeze remote, without the hardware.

It is now possible to control your ceiling fan from your smart phone. If you have a smart phone, like an iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or other, you too can control the ceiling fan from your phone. You can even control multiple fans. These days there are so many different apps available and ways to control different media, and forms of electronics from your phone.

This new evolution of being able to interact digitally with the world around us is popularly being called, “the Internet of Things” or IOT. This is changing the way that we interact and use electronics in our day to day lives.

The way this works is, the Harbor Breeze remote app will connect to your fan via Bluetooth. “But my fan does not have Bluetooth!” you may cry. Well, don’t worry. Ceiling fans aren’t built with Bluetooth in mind. So in order to make this work, you’ll need the Home Depot Bluetooth Remote.

If you have this remote, the phone app can pair with the remote in order to control the fan’s settings.

It will be possible to turn the fan power on, change the speeds, change the dim, etc. All of the same functions you can do with the Bluetooth remote, you will be able to do with the phone app as well.

In recent years, there now is a phone app for just about everything! This is another one of those examples.

There are also many universal remotes that you can use for the same purpose. It may also make sense to just use the remote, since you need one of those with Bluetooth anyways to make this idea work!


The nice thing about using the app is that it eliminates the need for hardware. Losing a remote is a common issue, and buying new replacement remotes all the time can become an expensive venture. Once the Harbor Breeze remote app is synced up with your ceiling fan, it becomes as simple as if you were just using your phone to talk to your friend.

It is also possible to connect these functions with a home automation system as well.

Requirements for Wi-Fi Ceiling Fan Remote Control or Remote Control App

If you are purchasing a kit with a receiver that needs to be installed into your fan – like a smart home Wi-Fi ceiling fan remote control receiver kit – then you will need to have Wi-Fi in your home. This means you need to have a broadcast point that is broadcasting a wireless “SSID” in your home. So if you have a Wi-Fi router that will work. In many cases, your Internet Service Provider will provide you with a home gateway that broadcasts the signal. Long story short, if you already have Wi-Fi in your home then purchasing a smart Wi-Fi home ceiling fan kit will not be a problem. However if you don’t have Wi-Fi in your home, then it becomes an issue where you need to have that too.

With all of that being said, you need Wi-Fi in your home if you’re converting your fan using a smart Wi-Fi home kit for your ceiling fan. If you’re not doing that, and just want to download an app to control your fan, you have the option of downloading one that uses InfraRed. You can download the app over cellular data too if you really don’t have Wi-Fi at home, however most homes that have Internet today also have Wi-Fi, so likely shouldn’t be a problem unless you’re in a remote area where you can’t get Internet installed in your home.

Remote Control Apps on Google Play Store

Are you looking for an app to control your ceiling fan, that will work on your Android or iPhone? If so, we can assist with that. Typically, your fan’s manufacturer may have an app that is specific to the manufacturer – or they’ve gone with a more common solution that is generic to other fan brands, too. For example, some Minka Aire ceiling fans come pre-programmed with Bond interfaces – so you can connect them with the Bond system. When you’re buying a new ceiling fan, take a look to see if the fan is compatible with a ceiling fan remote control app. If the fan manufacturer already has a suggested app to use, that will be the most compatible and effective app in terms of what works with your fan.

With that being said, it’s also possible to adapt older fans to work with a remote control app, too. This generally involves replacing the receiver, with one that will be able to broadcast and communicate on a Wi-Fi network – so either 2.4 ghz or 5 ghz. It’s more common to find a receiver that will communicate on the 2.4 Ghz frequency, as 5 ghz is a newer frequency. 5 Ghz also does not have the longer range of 2.4 Ghz communication.


8 thoughts on “Harbor Breeze Remote App

  1. The app doesn’t work at all. It opens up to a note pad with no keyboard or anything that you can do. Please fix it or take it off the App Store!

  2. I recently purchased in Newburgh ceiling fan model number 41660, 41520. I was wondering if you can recommend a universal remote to control the ceiling fan. I tried to place a Honeywell universal remote and my electrician said it wouldn’t work. Any suggestions

  3. the app doesn’t work, it didn’t work 2 years ago and still doesn’t work, my guess is that it can’t be fixed so it should be taken out of the app store.

  4. I recently moved into a new home with Harbor Breeze ceiling fan/light kits. I do not know the fan model and the previous owner lost the remote. What can i do? I cannot see the model number anywhere. From what I can tell the fan isn’t hard wired to the switch. Help please!!

    1. Same problem, we have remotes but they e been dropped in the tile floor by previous home owner they are all broken , I need replacements for UC7078T but can’t find them anywhere but amazon and i will never support Amazon so I guess We are buying new fans .

      1. Hi there,

        we do have replacement remotes for model UC7078T. We will paste a link here shortly to the correct page to help you out. With that being said, the comment “I will never support Amazon” we just wanted to help with this a little bit. One thing to understand is that not all products on Amazon are sold by Amazon. There are a lot of sellers that utilize Amazon as a marketplace in order to sell their goods. So to boycott Amazon is effectively boycotting all of the other vendors too, some of which really have no affiliation with Amazon at all other then to try and sell their products on there. It’s the same thing as if you were to sell your goods on E-bay or any other medium. Amazon was just the medium they chose.

        You will find when browsing on the Internet, many of the search results you find are also Amazon affiliates because there are not many programs available online that allow webmasters to sell or resell things like ceiling fan remotes.

        Good luck,
        Harbor Breeze Fan Help – Admin
        Note: We are not the manufacturer Harbor Breeze. We are simply a third party resource offering help to site visitors.

      2. Hello again Bonnie,

        As an update to the reply on your comment that we made to assist you, please find the review page where you may also purchase the Hampton Bay UC7078T Ceiling Fan Remote Control. Not sure if you have read up on this remote or not, but this remote is compatible with your Hampton Bay ceiling fan as long as your fan is compatible with one of the following remote styles: FAN-HD, FAN-HD, UC7078T, HD5, CHQ7078T, RR7079T. If you’re not sure what we mean by that, essentially it means that if one of the above remotes came with your ceiling fan, then UC7078T will be compatible with your fan.

        Keep in mind again 1) We are not the manufacturer 2) Yes this remote is sold through Amazon, but again it does not necessarily mean that it’s actually provided by Amazon – Amazon is just a marketplace for sellers, whether they are Hampton Bay or Harbor Breeze or someone else who is third party. 3) This website is for Harbor Breeze fans, not Hampton Bay, but we’ve done the best we can to assist you in your inquiry.

        Thank you!

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