Harbor Breeze Remote Control Programming

When installing the remote control, be sure your fan is operated in high speed and light is on condition at the switch knob.

Dip Switch Programming

Programming a ceiling fan is not the same or even close to programming a remote control for the TV, or other appliances. For these instances, there are many buttons; there is a code entered to program the remote with the TV, with the cable box, etc. Remote controls for ceiling fans only have a few buttons. The difference is that dip switches are set to program the remote to the fan. This is a “physical” programming so to say, because there’s no codes or button combinations to enter. The dip switches can have 16 different possible combinations, as there’s 4 switches and 2 settings per dip switch – up or down. Therefore 4 to the power of 2, 16 possible combinations.

Ceiling Fan Dip Switch
Here’s what a dip switch looks like. You’d need a ball point pen or something similar in order to make the proper adjustments.

As long as the dip switches are set properly on the fan and the receiver, meaning that they’re the same on both, it’ll work. If the fan does not work, or there are other problems, try reading our troubleshooting guide for more information.

1. Setting the code on the remote

a) First thing is to remove the battery cover

b) Set the dip switches. When the remote comes from the factory, the dip switches will all be set to up. Don’t use it like this – you need to set your own pattern. The dip switches are also called “code switches” by some people but their correct term is dip switches. You can use any unique pattern you like but the more unique the setting or pattern, the less likely it is your fan will end up being controlled accidentally by someone with the same remote or similar remote (or even just a remote set to the same dip switch settings).

c) Put the battery cover back on.

d) The same code that was set on the remote, needs to be set on the receiver as well.

What frequency does a Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan operate on?

Somewhere around 304.25 Mhz. For the most part, this information likely won’t help you much. Some site visitors look for how to change the frequency to 433 Mhz instead, because at this frequency you may be able to control the fan through other means. If you’re after this process or change, the best way to go would be to look at a product called the Bond. It is sold on Amazon and can turn any ceiling fan or fireplace into a “Smart” device relatively painfully, and easily. We’ll be providing more information about the Bond here soon – so be sure to check back!

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      1. My new Saratoga fan has dip switches, but the fan remote box does not show any dip switches at all. I was able to power the power off to the fan then hold the #1 button while powering up the fan power and the light began to blink. I then pressed any button on the remote and it was reprogrammed.

  1. On the remote that came with the MAZON model, taking the battery out does not expose the dip switches, so in order to get to the dip switches in the remote, do I need to some how take the top that has the buttons off?

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