Harbor Breeze Saratoga II Ceiling Fan Review

The Saratoga Ceiling Fan features hand-carved wood blades, in an auburn finish. The fan is sleek and with it’s somewhat darker décor, it works quite well in a rustic setting, modern setting or other. The Saratoga comes equipped with a light kit, which has two dimmable LED bulbs. The light kit is accentuated with a glass globe.

CFM of this fan is 6,372. That’s a lot. The blades are 60 inch making this fan quite large. It’s ideal for large rooms, like dining halls. You don’t want to put this fan in a small room as it just won’t make sense. The fan does have the ability to cool in the summer and move warm air in the winter.

A cool feature of this fan is it has a learning feature on the remote. This means that if the remote control stops working with the receiver at any point, you can follow a process for the remote to “learn.” This can be a common problem with ceiling fans, an this makes that common problem not a problem! That is great, because you certainly won’t want to lose the ability to make a fan with 60 inch blades stop spinning just out of the blue. A very useful feature for a large fan that moves a lot of air. The fan also includes a manual air flow switch, to manually reverse the direction of the fan as needed.

This fan cannot mount without the down rod; being as large as it is. It is not a good choice for low ceilings. But it is a great choice for large rooms, and when you have a requirement to move a lot of air around in the room!




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