Harbor Breeze Tilghman Replacement Blades

The Tilghman is a damp rated fan, so it works on the porch or patio. The blades on the Tilghman work quite well to create a palm tree effect, as the blades do look like a palm tree. Thus, the Tilghman really can start and complete the look of having a fan that works well in a humid location, and it will stand up to the elements outside like rain or humid temperatures.

For whatever reason, it appears there are many requests for Tilghman replacement blades. We do our best to help you to find the replacement Harbor Breeze Tilghman replacement fan blades. If you have been unsuccessful in finding the Tilghman ceiling fan blades at your local retailer, you may now be looking online to find a place to acquire replacement Tilghman fan blades. Of course, you’ll want to ensure the fan blades are the right size first. Most of these fans that we run across, are 52″ blade spans. If you purchased your Tilghman with 52 inch fan blades, then this is relevant to your fan.

Harbor Breeze Tilghman Ceiling Fan
The Tilghman ceiling fan comes in a number of different variants. The outdoor variant works well on porches and patios.

Although the Tilghman looks very sophisticated, the simplicity of the Tilghman is likely what attracts many homeowners and fan enthusiasts. There are three speeds. One of the things you should know about this fan is that Lowe’s describes it as “light kit adaptable” and “remote control adaptable.” This means that the fan likely does not come with either of these parts. It’s important to understand also that “remote control adaptable” may not necessarily mean you can simply purchase a remote and program it via dip switch settings to the fan. It is possible that an actual receiver needs to be purchased and installed into the fan. Be sure to ask the local retailer if you are considering purchasing a Tilghman fan. You’re welcome to post questions related to the Tilghman on our forums as well. If we don’t know the answer, other site visitors may be able to help.

11 thoughts on “Harbor Breeze Tilghman Replacement Blades

  1. “For whatever reason, it appears there are many requests for Tilghman replacement blades.” I can help you out with the reason for that Admin, they BREAK! I had five mounted around my porch both front and back and it didn’t take much of a windstorm to snap them right off. They have broken when running or not running, doesn’t matter. There is absolutely no one, including Harbor Breeze, that supplies these blades any longer. I have since removed all my HB fans and bought a better brand which after three-plus years, all blades still in one piece and doing fine!

  2. I have (4) Tilghman 44″ wicker style fans on my porch
    One of the blades broke in half at the mounting arm
    Can a get 0ne replacement blade?

  3. I need 2 blade holders (not the blades themselves) for a Tilghman. It’s the style with the like an droplet with an open center 1on the blade, but I’ll take anything that will work…

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