How to Replace Ceiling Fan Blades

Do you have warped ceiling fan blades on your ceiling fan?

If you’re not sure whether your blades are warped, or you need to troubleshoot blades before you’ve come to this conclusion, read our article on using a blade balancing kit to determine if your Harbor Breeze blades are warped or not. Blades can become warped over time simply due to dust buildup. You may ask really, just some dust? The answer is yes. Over time, that dust buildup eventually causes blades to come out of alignment with other blades and become warped.

If you need  to replace blades due to them being warped or other, this article will help you to replace blades as necessary.

There’s a few things you will need first:

  • Phillips screwdriver, or a battery powered drill works better to get the work done faster.
  • Replacement ceiling fan blades
  • You may need a ladder

We’ve broken down the steps in a numbered list below.

  1. Remove the light kit using a screwdriver or the battery powered screwdriver
  2. Remove the screws holding the kit to the fan
  3. After that, start removing the blades, by removing the screws holding the blades in place. In doing so, you will remove the blade arms that attach to the blades
  4. On the back side of the blades there are three screws. Remove those, and then get the new blade ready or blades.
  5. Put the screws back into the new blade in order to attach the blade arm to the new blades
  6. Ensure the screws are snug and secure
  7. With the fan blade or blades now put back together, re-attach them to the fan and re-attach the screws

And that’s it! Pretty easy, right?

Here’s a sweet video explaining how to replace the fan blades. The video should make this super easy!

7 thoughts on “How to Replace Ceiling Fan Blades

  1. I purchased the Harbor Breeze Twin Breeze Ii 74-in outdoor ceiling fan. Model #L0982 and the their is one fan blade missing in the packaging. The fan is already installed and the box was trashed. Can I get one blade?

  2. The video is very simple however my holes don’t line up with fan blade holes . What can I do these are plastic and will they break if I make new holes and will the holes be to close and not fit with the screws??

  3. How had 7 Harbor breeze ceiling fan and last night one of the fan in the bedroom three blades snapped off fortunately I wasn’t in the room. I need to know who to contact and regard to this matter.

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