How to size your ceiling fan

What size ceiling fan do I need to purchase for my room? What size of ceiling fan do I need in my bedroom, living room or kitchen?

This is a common question that often gets asked. The reason this gets asked is, many site visitors want to know what fan they should purchase for the size of room they have. While it may be great to buy a huge fan like a 70″ Harbor Breeze Hydra Ceiling Fan, the question becomes – do I really need a fan this big? The answer is – well, maybe. To figure out the size of fan you need for your room, you can take a look at the below chart.

Approximate room size – match this up to your ceiling fan blade size

40-60 sq. ft. Get a ceiling fan with a 30″ blade span.

This might be a small bathroom.


60-100 sq. ft. You will require a ceiling fan with 42 to 44 inch blade span.

Medium sized bathroom or perhaps small kitchen.


Harbor Breeze Centerville 42inch Ceiling Fan

An example of a 42 inch Harbor Breeze fan. This one is the Harbor Breeze Centerville ceiling fan.


100-400 sq. ft 52 to 54 inch

Bedrooms are about 132 square feet or 150. Larger bedrooms can be 150 and up. 300 square feet or so would be a medium to larger kitchen, or a living room space.

Harbor Breeze Sail Stream 52 Inch Ceiling Fan

The Harbor Breeze Sail Stream 52 Inch Ceiling Fan. This fan is useful for rooms that are 132 square feet to 150 square feet. This is generally a ceiling fan that you’d see in a bedroom, or a medium sized living room.  This fan has a modern design. Some may love it, others may not like the modern approach as much. Of course, it really depends on your tastes as a home owner, and the décor of your chosen room in terms of whether this fan works for the space you are looking to install a fan. 


400-500 sq. ft 56″ to 60 inch blades

Larger living room or dining area.


15 x 15
500 sq ft 64 to 70 ” blade span

Larger space like a hall, large dining area, large living room or den.

Which ceiling fan or what size do I need for my bedroom?

The average bedroom size is about 132 square feet while there are bedrooms much larger than even 144 square feet. Based on this information, say you have a bedroom which is under 100 square feet. If this is the case, look at a ceiling fan which is 42 to 44 inches in blade span. If you have a bedroom which is over 100 square feet as mentioned, look at a 52″ to 54″ ceiling fan. As the square footage increases, you can increase the blade span in order to move more air.

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