Obtaining support from Habor Breeze Customer Support

Do you need help getting support from Harbor Breeze – whether it be technical support, customer support or just want a phone number to call and vent?

Harbor Breeze is distributed by Lowe’s. They import the fans from China. If you do some research online on community forums, you’ll find this echoed and discussed in most places. [AdSense-A]

People who are familiar with Ceiling Fans may sometimes tell you to buy from a dealer, instead of buying a house brand like Harbor Breeze. This is a recurring theme online if you read information and posts from ceiling fan enthusiasts. This is because at times, it can become downright difficult to obtain replacement parts from Harbor Breeze.

Thankfully, there is a 1-800 number that you can call for support.

Lowe’s customer support phone for Harbor Breeze: 1.800.643.0067

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We get inquiries from site visitors all the time, asking for help for the phone number for Harbor Breeze support. We have the phone number posted on this page. Did you find that this phone number helped you to find support for your Harbor Breeze fan? Post a comment and let us know.

Hours of Operation:

Monday to Saturday
7 am to 1 am EST
Sunday 10 am to 9 pm EST


One of the most important aspects to keep in mind when it comes to Harbor Breeze fans – they are a store brand of a major retailer. House brand, actually. So if you need replacement parts, there is only one or two major retailers you can deal with. For the most parts, parts for most Harbor Breeze fans cannot be found on most websites – again, only with the two major retailers mentioned. We have no affiliation with this major retailer, and most of the time we are unable to source parts for Harbor Breeze fans. We are a third party resource that assists consumers with finding parts where possible. Sometimes, we may be able to recommend a replacement remote or other part that may work – however, there is often times where we simply cannot source or locate the replacement Harbor Breeze part that is being requested of us. We do our best though! If there is something you’re after, please leave a comment to let us know and we’ll do our best to help. In a worst case scenario, we’ll point you in the right direction of where to get help, to find the replacement part or other that you need!

18 thoughts on “Obtaining support from Habor Breeze Customer Support

  1. We did recently be a light kit cap in our fan? This app is the cap that you use when you don’t want to use the light kit.

    Is it possible for us to het one for Cooperstown in a brushed nickel finish?

  2. We have several of your fans throughout our house and I love the look and the way the fans work but we have replaced the chain mechanism mutiple times in these things. Plus the one in my son’s room we can’t even put light bulbs in it anymore because the metal piece that the light bulbs go in have disappeared meaning came out when unscrewing the light bulbs. Very frustrating!

  3. I just purchased two Harbor Breeze Merrimack outdoor ceiling fans with a light kit for my patio.
    I thought two 52 inch fans would be enough, but apparently, it’s not.
    Before I replace the fans with something bigger, is there a way to increase the fan blades either by attachment or replacement in order to generate more wind?

  4. Can a Harbor Breeze remote be installed in a harbor breeze zero clearance ceiling fan? All the examples I find are for hanging fans.

    1. Hi Leo,

      Sorry to hear you’re having a rough time. As a third party resource, we do our best to assist when site visitors are having a difficult time obtaining support directly from Harbor Breeze. Feel free to post a comment or question as to what you’re having a problem with, and we’ll do our best to help you.

      site admins

      1. I purchased a Harbor Breeze Sailor Bay ceiling fan. I was under the impression that all of Harbor Breeze’s fans had the option to install the light kit. My electrician told me – after he installed the fan – it did not come with non-light kit conversion plate. Can I order something like that, or should I return the fan?

  5. Why isn’t there an email address where I can send a request rather than a phone number that nobody every answers? I performed all the troubleshooting and the fan is still not working even though the light is. It has only been 9 months and it has quit working. Lowes told me to call the manufacturer but the manufacturer doesn’t pick up the phone.

    This is incredibly frustrating and a waste of time.

  6. I’ve been calling Harbor Breeze for one week and have left several messages. I tried 800-643-0067 and 888-434-3797. No one has called me back. I have Centreville 52″” ceiling fan and the motor continues to hum. I have tried everything to fix issue. It is so loud and annoying. Now my warranty is going to expire November 16, 2020 and I need this problem fixed asap.

  7. I purchased a Harbor Breeze ceiling fan from Lowes and installed it only to find they do not have the correct globes. I have tried calling and no one answers. They say to email and no one will email be back. The store says to bring the fan back. That is rediculous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just send replacement globes that work. What else is rediculous is that you cant get a hold of anyone!!!!!!

  8. I have a harbor breeze ceiling fan with a light. The lights chain is fused to a green wire which connects it to a power limiter model efu190lt. Looks to me like it should have a remote but I don’t have one ( new home owner). Someone in my neighborhood does because they turn my light on at 3:00 in the morning if I have the fan on. Sometimes the rotation of the fan will also cycle the lights through their 3 phases then off and back on. If I touch the chain I can also cycle it through. It is touch sensitive which blows my mind. I would like to install a 3 way chain switch. Any suggestions other than toss the whole thing?

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  10. Where can I get a replacement remote for Harbor Breeze Model# 00856 Mazon Fan 44MZ with remote FCC ID A25-TX007R1?

  11. I purched a harbor breeze mazon 44in ceiling fan approximately a year ago. The light kit has stop working. The fan still works. So I need a replacement light kit. Waiting on a return call
    Lets see how that goes!

  12. I have a Harbor Breeze ceiling fan and the model # is HE-0508S-1. The receiver has gone bad and I’m not sure which one to replace it with for there are many to choose from. The # on receiver is JY326B-2(6+6uF) and the part # in the manual for the receiver is 5210036. Can you advise me as to what replacement receiver that is compatible with my fan and will I be required to purchase a new remote also?

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