How do I connect or wire a Harbor Breeze fan with light to 2 switches?

There is a variety of different models available in relation to Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans. This is a step by step guide that will explain how to connect a Harbor Breeze fan and light to two switches, however because these instructions are mostly generic, the same steps can apply to many other ceiling fans. Typically, the colors of the wires that you see below are very common with many different makes and models of ceiling fans. As always, if you need more help and you are not able to find the answers you are looking for on this page, we do implore you to leave a comment. We’ll do our best to look for an answer to your question, and either add it here to this page, or create another page here at Your Ceiling Fan to review the question and answer it as in-depth as we can.

If requiring only one switch for the fan and one for the light:

  • Neutral: white wire. The light and fan both will have a white wire for neutral – this is common
  • Red: Positive for light and  fan – one red wire for each one  – Hot
  • Black: Hot
  • Bare wire: Ground

Start by testing power at breaker – ensure there is no power –  use a non-contact voltage tester if at all possible. Be aware of possible electrical shock, so non-contact is best.

Find all of the green grounding wires, or bare, and connect them together.

Look for white wire from ceiling – connect it to the remote receiver module – white wire, inside of the fan

  • Black wire – connect from ceiling to the remote receiver module inside of the fan – black wire
  • Blue wire – connect it from the output side of the remote receiver system, inside the fan to the blue wire inside of there
  • Red wire – connecting from the output side of the fan’s receiver module

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