Harbor Breeze Aero Ceiling Fan Review

The Aero has your usual features – 5 reversible blades, and the motor has three speeds. In order for the blades to be reversible, the motor allows reverse function as well. On this page we list some of the resources that are available for this fan. These resources include the manual, as well as other support resources that will get added to the page and to the site over time.

The ceiling fan manual that we provide here provides some assistance in terms of the Aero ceiling fan. The information presented within the manual include the following:

Wiring, as an example, is always one issue that requires much assistance. Generally, many of the wiring colors as it applies to ceiling fan installations is generic.

Harbor Breeze Aero Ceiling Fan

This means that a green color wire for a fan or a black color wire for a fan generally constitute the same thing, e.g black wire for ground. If you are looking for more assistance with ceiling fan wiring, we can certainly recommend useful guides like this one for providing additional assistance with ceiling fan wiring.

Ceiling Fan Wiring – Help with wiring colors

Below you will find the manual for this ceiling fan. The manual is always helpful, as it can contain common troubleshooting practices to try when there may be a problem with your fan. Below we have the manual for the Aero Ceiling Fan displayed in a window. You can scroll up and down in this window in order to read more information about the Aero fan. If you are having a hard time finding the information you need, feel free to post a comment here on this page and we will do our best to answer it for you in a timely fashion.

Harbor Breeze Aero Ceiling Fan Manual