Harbor Breeze Beach Creek

This Harbor Breeze Beach creek fan has a 44 inch blade span, and comes complete with a brushed nickel finish, It has a LED light kit which comes with the fan. It “close mounts” to the ceiling which is similar to flush mount. You can use the downrod that comes with the fan to do a standard downrod mounting, or you can “close mount” to the ceiling. The fan also comes with a remote which will turn the fan or light kit on and off.

Harbor Breeze Beach Creek Ceiling Fan
The Harbor Breeze Beach Creek ceiling fan is a 44 inch ceiling fan, with an integrated LED light kit. The fan weighs 16 pounds, and the light kit outputs 61 watts. At a price point around $150 USD, this fan is affordable and even somewhat handsome!

Although it may be a thought that light kits are common with fans, this is not always the case. Many fans do not actually come with a light kit. When they don’t come with a light kit, they also may not necessarily include a remote, either. This is important to understand.

The fan features a energy efficient light kit. Airflow is almost 4,000 CFM. This makes this fan a good pick for small rooms, but not for larger rooms as you might imagine. If you do want to have some good airflow in a larger room, look for a larger fan. 42 – 44 inch fans are generally for smaller spaces. Ceiling fans with a 46″ blade span or larger are good for larger rooms.

How much does the Harbor Breeze Beach Creek Ceiling Fan cost?

At around $150 USD, this Harbor Breeze fan comes in at a pretty affordable price point. You could likely afford to install two of these fans into the home. Not a bad price at all. The fan has only three blades though – just keep this in mind. It may move less air then a fan with five blades. It can also not be used with another bulb – the LED lighting is non-replaceable, so you can only use LED lighting with it, not other bulbs. These aren’t necessarily bad traits, depending on your use case. It’s likely just fine! For the average homeowner, these things don’t really matter that much. However, you may prefer a fan that has five blades as opposed to three – totally your call as a homeowner.