Harbor Breeze Centreville light kit removal

This article pertains to the Harbor Breeze Model 40687, which is the Harbor Breeze Centreville ceiling fan

Does any of the below relate to your current ceiling fan project?

  • Remove light kit from the fan
  • Light kit deletion plate
  • Cover to be installed over the exposed pull chain assembly
  • Where the light kit used to be

A site visitor recently asked about a Harbor Breeze Centreville fan,
model 40687. The visitor said they were planning to remove the light kit
from the fan. In order to do so, they were looking for a light kit deletion
pane. This is basically a cover that gets installed, so it covers up
the area where the light kit used to be. Otherwise, if you don’t have a cover,
what you see is an exposed pull chain assembly.

Harbor Breeze Centreville Ceiling Fan

Obviously, you don’t want a gaping hole where you removed the cover.
With that being said, we’ve looked for a cover, or light kit deletion pane
for Harbor Breeze model 40687. What we came up with is that we are unable
to locate or source this part.

In this particular case, we would refer you to call Harbor Breeze customer
support. They’ll do their best to find the part that you’re looking for,
and let you know where it can be purchased. Often times when looking for a
replacement Harbor Breeze part, you have to reach out to the manufacturer

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Harbor Breeze Centreville

The Harbor Breeze Centreville fan is a 5 blade fan with reversible blades, and a blade span of 42 inches. The fan is specifically designed to be used in rooms with ceilings that are low. The motor on the fan is powerful, and quiet. It creates high airflow while not producing a lot of noise output. The fan features three speeds, and with the reverse function you can run the fan the entire year.

In terms of measuring and figuring out if this fan will work for the room you are thinking of, the height from the ceiling to the bottom of the Centreville fan is almost 14 inches – 13.94 inches.

Harbor Breeze Centreville 52-in White Indoor Flush Mount Ceiling Fan

Harbor Breeze Centreville Ceiling Fan

Walmart is another good example of a major retailer that carries the Centreville ceiling fan. This fan looks simple, yet elegant.

The Centreville has a traditional appeal, but can also work for the craftsman, too. The fan features two pull chains, so you can conveniently operate lights and fan speeds. This fan has a 52″ blade span, and is able to move 4,653 CFM of airflow. This makes the fan adapt well to larger rooms, up to 400 square feet in size. The finish is a white blonde, quite elegant.