Harbor Breeze Henderson Ceiling Fan

The Harbor Breeze Henderson Ceiling Fan is unique in many respects. It is not your typical four or five blade ceiling fan. This fan, first of all is quite large – with a wing span of 60 inches. We were joking around with saying “wing span,” of course we’re talking about blade span of the blades. However, the fan really is made to move a lot of air. It has ten blades – wow, right? With the 60 inch blade span, this fan is excellent for larger rooms that are 400 square feet or more. Holy cow! The Henderson also can be mounted into damp locations like kitchens, bathrooms or outdoors, because it’s rated for such. Not only that, but you can use the fan seasonally to move warm air in winter and cool air in summer.

Harbor Breeze Henderson Ceiling Fan

The Henderson from Harbor Breeze truly is a marvelous and unique design. 10 blades, with a 60 inch blade span means this fan moves a TON of air. It’s best suited to a large room.

This fan is downrod mounted only, so it only works in standard ceiling situations – or optimally, in large rooms with a vaulted ceiling. It cannot be used in a flush mount setting, nor would you want to with that many blades and that large a blade span. It simply isn’t optimal to do so.
  • Finish: Matte black
  • Replacement glass shades can be found with part number 4664708
  • Light kit: Yes, provides 1400 lumens
  • Flush mount: No
  • Number of blades: 10
  • Blade span: 60 inches (large)
  • Room size: Rooms larger then 400 square feet

Harbor Breeze Henderson Ceiling Fan Manual

Here is a link to the Harbor Breeze Henderson Ceiling Fan Manual. We have posted it here for our site visitors, to help them find whatever information they’re looking for. If you’re looking for original package contents information, troubleshooting, installation details or other, the manual should be helpful in this regard. There is also a customer service number at the end of the manual that you can call, if you’re really stuck.