Harbor Breeze Merrimack II Ceiling Fan

The Harbor Breeze Merrimack II ceiling fan can be hung flush to the ceiling. A low profile fan like this is useful, when you have lower ceilings, or just need more space. The fan does come with a 6 inch downrod also, so it can be mounted in a normal fashion or on an angled ceiling also. The fan comes with an attractive glass globe light kit. The bulbs are dimmable also. The fan does receive some praise from home owners and enthusiasts alike, as the bronze finish is sleek and stylish. The fan blades are of a driftwood and auburn finish.

The fan comes with a limited lifetime warranty. The Merrimack II can cool a large room, as it provides up to and about 3800 CFM of air flow. This is due to the large fan blades on the Merrimack – 52 inches. These larger fan blades help move a large volume of air.

Along with all of the aforementioned benefits, the Merrimack also is ETL listed. This means it is both an indoor and outdoor fan – it can be safely used in damp locations. This is an excellent addition, on top of all the other features mentioned.

Calera fan parts

Recently we had a site visitor ask, “where can I find a replacement globe for the Harbor Breeze Calera Ceiling Fan?” When we looked online for more information, we found the manual for this ceiling fan. In the manual, the following parts are listed as being purchased with the ceiling fan. We list these parts out below with the part numbers. Please keep in mind, we are not the manufacturer and we obtained these part numbers from the Harbor Breeze Calera Ceiling Fan Manual

Harbor Breeze Calera – Parts List (with part numbers)

A Downrod 0020160-A
B Canopy 0020160-B
C Mounting Bracket 0020160-C
D Yoke Cover 0020160-D
G Canopy Cover 0020160-G
H Blade Arm 0020160-H
I Blade 0020160-I
HW Hardware Kit 0020160-HW

Harbor Breeze Calera Ceiling Fan

Here is what the Calera ceiling fan looks like. On this page you’ll find part numbers for replacement parts, so hopefully that helps in terms of finding the replacement parts that you need.

While it is possible there is another variation of the Harbor Breeze Calera that comes with a light kit and/or a required globe, this one that we looked at does not come standard with a light kit, or a globe. Therefore, it can certainly be difficult to find a replacement globe for this fan, if that is what you’re looking for. We encourage you to try the following options if you’re still searching for a globe for this fan. Also, are you sure you have the right model of ceiling fan?

Where to find support for Harbor Breeze Calera

The first stop you can make is our support forums. Once you register, you’ll be able to post your question. Or simply make a request for replacement parts – that works, too.

  1. Go to our support forums here. Post your question related to troubleshooting, or if you need a replacement part. Remember – we’re not the manufacturer, please don’t vent on us
  2. Try using these phone numbers to get in touch with Harbor Breeze support
  3. You can find the Harbor Breeze Ceiling Calera Fan Manual here. The part numbers posted above are directly from this manual.


Where can I find the manual that came with my Harbor Breeze fan?

Finding the manual that came with your Harbor Breeze fan can be a frustrating task. If you aren’t able to locate the actual manual that came in the box, don’t worry. It’s common for many people not to keep the manual. You might be looking for the manual for a number of reasons – like finding troubleshooting information, or the phone number to contact for support.

If you are looking for the phone number to contact for support, you can find that on our phone numbers page. If you aren’t able to find your manual by browsing online, you’ll want to record the make and model of the fan. You can find the information on the box. You can also try looking at the fan to find any part numbers that you can see. Sometimes the part numbers may be on the fan housing or base of the fan as opposed to the fan blades.

We are not responsible for the information in these manuals, however we may be able to help by providing additional sources of information for troubleshooting fans, wiring diagrams, warranty information and other.

You can find our ongoing list of Harbor Breeze ceiling fan manuals here.  Please leave a comment to let us know what manual you are looking for in particular! We’ll get the manual you need added to our website right away.