Harbor Breeze DRP 3-LT Baja Light Kit

This light kit is available from Lowe’s. Unfortunately, when looking on the Internet there is very little information about this particular Harbor Breeze 3 light Baja light kit. We will continue to scour the Internet to find updated information regarding this light kit for site visitors.

We are not able to offer this light kit for purchase here as our affiliates and partners do not carry this light kit. Please note, we are not affiliated with Lowe’s or Home Depot. We are only a third party resource to provide information to site visitors.

Details for finding information about this fan in a retail location are below.

Harbor Breeze DRP 3-LT Baja Light Kit

Harbor Breeze DRP 3 light Baja Light Kit


Looking for a Harbor Breeze DRP 3 Light Baja Light Kit? As soon as this light kit becomes available to the general public, we will post the ability here where you can purchase the light kit. However, at the time of this writing this particular light kit is unfortunately unavailable anywhere other then the above mentioned retailer.

Harbor Breeze DRP 3 light Baja Light Kit Replacement Light Cover

Often site visitors look for a replacement light cover for the Harbor Breeze DRP 3 light Baja light kit. The replacement light cover is not available here. You will have to check with the above mentioned retailer, as we have no affiliation with them.  You can also reach out to Harbor Breeze customer support. If you do come across an additional location where you are able to find a replacement light cover for this Harbor Breeze light kit, please let us know by leaving a comment or by posting on the forum. We’ll be happy to hear from you and will get the information added here right away in terms of where the replacement light cover can be purchased.

Why is this Harbor Breeze light kit only available at certain retailers?

Great question. Harbor Breeze is the house brand of Home Depot. Home Depot and Lowe’s, therefore in many cases are some of the only places where you can find these ceiling fans and associated parts. In comparison, Hunter is it’s own brand – so you’ll often be able to find other locations where you can find their fans, or parts. However, in many cases the only recourse is the following:

  • Reach out to Harbor Breeze customer support (link pasted above)
  • Visit a local retailer mentioned above
  • Try calling one of the local retail stores mentioned above
  • Try posting for the part you are looking for on our support forums
  • Leave a comment with more details in regards to the specific fan or part you are looking for.