Harbor Breeze Sail Stream

The 52 inch Harbor Breeze Sail Stream is a powerful, popular ceiling fan. The fan will provide cooling and heating capability throughout its lifetime (and the lifetime of your home or family). The fan has a sleek, attractive contemporary design. It has a powerful motor and with a 52 inch blade span, the fan can move lots of air around the room. This is great for larger rooms that need a big fan in order to move air. You can use the Sail Stream to help cool in the summer, and heat in the winter, cutting down on energy bills quite significantly.

Harbor Breeze Sail Stream Ceiling Fan

The LED lighting provides both bright and very efficient lighting. The fan is installed in a flush mount setting, so it is able to be installed without a downrod. This is excellent for rooms where ceiling space is limited. The 52 inch blade span also is excellent for large rooms, where a large amount of airflow is required in order to cool or warm the room.

Is there a remote control included with this Harbor Breeze fan?

Yes, there is a remote included with this 52 inch Harbor Breeze Sail Stream fan.

Is the ceiling fan light dimmable on the Sail Stream?

Yes, the light is dimmable. A site visitor has advised the light will dim. With that being said, it’s also been reported that the instructions that came with the fan say that the dimmer switch shouldn’t be used with the fan. It’s possible that reaching out to the manufacturer in this regard may be necessary, to understand why they have said this in the Sail Stream manual. It is possible that although the light will work with a dimmer, it may potentially cause issues with the fan in the long term. Hard to say.

Where can I purchase the Harbor Breeze Sail Stream ceiling fan?

Here, actually. You can purchase the Harbor Breeze sail stream on this page. Just click the above image, or click here to purchase the Harbor Breeze Sail Stream fan. Please note, this is purchased through our affiliate Amazon.com . They are responsible for shipping to you, as well as any returns or etc. At the time of this writing, this fan costs $125 USD. This is very affordable; in some cases if you are looking for a replacement Sail Stream part it may even cost you less time to just buy another fan. If we can help you to find a replacement part, we’ll do our best to assist – but if you’ve exhausted that avenue and just want to buy another one, that’s an option, too.