Harbor Breeze Wolcott Ceiling Fan

Harbor Breeze 52-in Wolcott Ceiling Fan

The Harbor Breeze Wolcott is featured here! This fan has a flushmount design, so it works well in rooms with low ceilings. If you’re looking for a ceiling fan that works well in a room with low ceilings, then check out this fan. The fan has five reversible blades. The light kit on the fan is clear glass, so if you’re not into the frosted light kits out there, this may be the right fan for you.

Harbor Breeze Wolcott Ceiling Fan

The Wolcott ceiling fan has five ornate blades, with pullchains to turn the fan on and off, speed up, slow down, etc. All of this is pretty standard operation of course.

The Wolcott fan is not for everyone. Some may prefer the ornate blade holders at the end of the blades, others may not like this design. The finish of the blades also make sense in certain decor settings, but not in others. You will have to survey the room you are installing the Wolcott into and decide whether it goes well with the decor, or simply does not.

Harbor Breeze Wolcott Ceiling Fan Reviews

Reviews of this fan are mixed. Some homeowners who have purchased this fan, have reported that they had some problems like parts not arriving in the box. Other visitors have reported no problems at all. Generally, the good thing is when you purchase this fan, as long as you are buying from a major retailer they will support you if there is a problem out of the box with the fan. If there is you can swiftly return the product. For the most part, as long as all the parts are there and the fan is able to be installed and runs, these fans will last a long time with no problems.

  • Clear glass design for the light kit
  • Blades are of a oak / mahogany finish, need to see if it lines up with your d├ęcor.
  • Fan is capable of forward and reverse settings
  • Currently not available for purchase (all sold out), hope this fan is available again soon so we can offer it up for purchase by site visitors.