How do I determine my ceiling fan model?

Are you struggling to determine the make, or model of your ceiling fan? Maybe you know your fan is a Harbor Breeze, or maybe you don’t. Maybe you have no idea what fan you have at all! That’s totally okay, we’re here to help you. Many brands of ceiling fans do look alike, so figuring out what ceiling fan you have will help to determine what replacement parts you need – along with many other answers to particular questions you may have about your fan.

With some ceiling fans, the manufacturer label is on the top of the motor housing. Hunter is a good example of this. If you can’t see what the label says, try using a mirror to make it out. If there’s no label, time to drop the canopy. This does not mean you need to remove the fan – just need to lower the “shroud.” What is the shroud, you ask? Well, good question. The shroud is the name for the covering, for the mechanical and electrical connections that you find at the ceiling.

Ceiling Fan Removal

If you wanted to remove a fan from the ceiling, this picture outlines essentially what you’re looking at. Now, you don’t need to remove the entire fan to get an idea of what model it is. So this picture kind of tells you what NOT to do – does that make sense? We certainly hope so!

Remember – you don’t need to remove the ceiling fan completely from the ceiling in order to determine this information!

Any kind of sticker is helpful, even if it’s not a logo or you can’t make out the manufacturer from the label. Generally, try running any numbers you find on any labels through a major search engine. You should be able to determine the manufacturer and the model of your fan this way.

Step by Step on how to find the Ceiling Fan Model

The below video is from Hunter, however the step by step provided in terms of how to locate your ceiling fan model is very relevant. The video takes you through the following methods:

  • Checking the box the fan came in
  • Checking the receipt from the purchase, whether it’s a printed receipt or digital receipt
  • Looking on top of the fan (as described above), the person in the video uses a phone which is smart. They hold their phone up and take a picture, so that way you don’t have to pull the fan down to find the information you need