Where can I find the manual that came with my Harbor Breeze fan?

Finding the manual that came with your Harbor Breeze fan can be a frustrating task. If you aren’t able to locate the actual manual that came in the box, don’t worry. It’s common for many people not to keep the manual. You might be looking for the manual for a number of reasons – like finding troubleshooting information, or the phone number to contact for support.

If you are looking for the phone number to contact for support, you can find that on our phone numbers page. If you aren’t able to find your manual by browsing online, you’ll want to record the make and model of the fan. You can find the information on the box. You can also try looking at the fan to find any part numbers that you can see. Sometimes the part numbers may be on the fan housing or base of the fan as opposed to the fan blades.

We are not responsible for the information in these manuals, however we may be able to help by providing additional sources of information for troubleshooting fans, wiring diagrams, warranty information and other.

You can find our ongoing list of Harbor Breeze ceiling fan manuals here.  Please leave a comment to let us know what manual you are looking for in particular! We’ll get the manual you need added to our website right away.

7 thoughts on “Where can I find the manual that came with my Harbor Breeze fan?

  1. 56-in Titanium and Brushed Chrome Indoor Downrod Ceiling Fan and Remote (3-blade)
    Item #: 214705 | Model #: UT56TBC3M

    the box was thrown away with the make # along with the instructions… can you send me a link to download the owners manuel..please

  2. I need the manual for Harbor Breeze Model# M52-58/6LIDC-H20E. We purchased 3 years ago at local Lowes. They are not able to help. Appreciate any info you can give.. Thanks

  3. Why not post the manuals online, I bought a house with a Harbor Breeze Fan and am ready to replace a new fan with a brand that actually cares about its customers.

  4. If you are looking for the manuals page,
    It is available here below. We apologize for the inconvenience, sometimes due to how search engines work we find that site visitors get hung up on this page and can’t get to the actual page which lists the manuals. Here is a link to the manual page below, which has hyper links to many manuals and we are constantly adding more.

    Harbor Breeze ceiling fan manual downloads

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